5 friends you shouldn’t take as a fitness buddy


Many of us need a fitness buddy with them when they decide to go to the gym, attend a fitness class, or apply a healthy diet. In the beginning of such new thing,  we need someone to motivate us and encourage not to skip the workout time. However, it might be worse if you didn’t select the right fitness buddy. Here are some characters to avoid when you’re taking a fitness buddy:


1.Mr. Know it all


He’s the worst to take as a fitness buddy because he will always gives you false information pretending that it’s the right thing and he’s an expert in the issue, so you shouldn’t doubt what he says even if he advises you to eat a big chocolate cupcake before you workout. He knows everything too when it comes to engineering, psychology, and parenting, so he definitely doesn’t know anything!

2.Mr. Frustrations


This is extremely the last thing you don’t want when you’re approaching to get fit and we all know our friend that does it right. He always assures that you can’t do it, it’s very painful, you will gain this weight again. All his stories evolve around the only friend he knows that fainted after a week of applying a healthy diet or his relative that had an injury in his first day at the gym.

3.Mr. Showy


This friend of yours will be the best in helping you choose a very well known gym because check-ins are the second most important thing in his life after the gym selfies. However, you can’t count on him when you need a fitness buddy to encourage you on the long term as he will only accompany you in the gym for 2 or maximum 3 times to take some selfies with hashtag #nopainnogain , then leave you alone.

4.Mr. Big mouth


Although he is extremely the opposite of Mr Frustrations, he’s not the good friend to take as a fitness buddy. He will keep telling you stories about “wa7ed sa7bo mt3rfoosh” and how he did so and so to get fit to encourage you to do the same. He will assure you that it’s worth it, but he just keeps talking without accompanying you in the gym or in ordering salad instead of burger.

5.Mr. Lazy

x_large_2011_dvdrip_x264_ac3_by_tamercome02He might be the best friend when you want to know where the best place to eat meat shawerma in town, he can listen to your tenth break up story at midnight, but he is the worst when it comes to choosing a fitness buddy. Try suggesting having a CrossFit challenge or joining a run with Cairo Runners to this friend and you will end up taking a cab to the next block.


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