5 Healthy Habits To Build Through Ramadan

Ramadan Healthy Habits

The holy month of Ramadan is a blessed opportunity to build and maintain healthy habits. And an awesome opportunity shall be seized! Read along to know 5 healthy habits you can build through the spiritual month of Ramadan! Let’s create wholesome patterns!

Breakfast dates

5 Healthy Habits - Dates

Literally “dates”, the ones you break your fast with! More than being a religious tradition in Ramadan, dates are ideal and healthy, nutritious choice of food for an empty stomach. They contain a handful of minerals, fibers, sugars, iron and vitamins! Try to maintain this healthy habit by having at least one date before your breakfast after Ramadan!


Water - Ramadan Habits

It is a bit challenging to drink enough water during Ramadan, but staying hydrated is very vital to your health! Check our previous article on how to keep hydrated in Ramadan, and while we’re at it with building this rewarding pattern, make sure to always keep a bottle of water close by and get your healthy-boosting hourly sips!

Being active!

Active Workout

Many people take Ramadan as a chance to lose weight, however it is not easy to get in a full workout session while your body is in “fasting” state. In that case, light exercise is your best friend before iftar!  It’s important to get the blood flowing, and it’s healthy to do it on an empty stomach, even after Ramadan! “A little walk goes a long way.”.

Eat mindfully & nutritiously

Ramadan Habits

It sounds tempting to over-eat to make up for all the hours you’ve been fasting, but as tempting as it sounds, it’s utterly terrible for your health. Try to choose meals you love with nutrients for your body, eat enough, and mindfully. Have smaller bites, chew thoroughly, enjoy the blessing of food, and taste, notice the texture and let your digestive system thank you!

Get enough sleep

Ramadan Sleeping

We know Ramadan changes our sleeping patterns, but it doesn’t have to! Try to stick to your regular timing (one that lets you sleep at least 6-8 hours a day!) let your body adapt to an energy and productivity boosting sleeping routine! Your mental and physical health depends on it!

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