5 psychological states you go through during losing weight


Following a diet is not just about cutting carbs or having yogurt only for dinner, it’s a difficult process and the difficulty lies in the psychological part. It triggers a lot of emotions that sometimes weird or even contradicting. We’re discussing some of them in order to calm you down and assure you that the craziness you feel is absolutely normal and the destination you’re heading to is worth all the breakdowns.

Mostly important,  remember to always keep your goal in front of your eyes while aiming to elevate the levels of self-satisfaction and happiness. Don’t forget to associate your nutrition diet with some working out, needless to mention what endorphins are capable of doing.

  • The superstar obsession

    Miss Congeniality

    When you start the process of losing weight, you start building some castles in the sky about how your new shape will turn your life upside down and change you to a superstar whom everybody is talking about. But let me tell you that life isn’t a chick flick movie where your body transformation will bring you a better career or makes Mr Right falls in love with you. However, it will make a more important change; it will change how you look at yourself and strengthen your self- confidence, which in turn, will lead you to work better and succeed.

  • The weight loss PMSing


It doesn’t differ if you’re a guy as during weight loss, everybody is PMSing! It’s a state where every thing is going well and you’re actually losing weight and gaining muscles, but you don’t feel happy or proud about yourself. You’re just panicking that you might gain weight again and this really disturbs enjoying the achievements you make. Some mistakenly believe that this state protects them from violating their healthy regime. On the contrary, this state is very stressful and when you’re stressed, you will definitely eat.

  • The nostalgia to your comfort zone

    Nutty Professor

    You are now able to wear 2 sizes smaller and you can lift weights, but surprisingly you’re not happy with that! You have a persisting nostalgia to the old you. This is normal, don’t get astonished. Naturally, you’re more familiar to that version of you, as well as your friends. You even might have been more satisfied with your old shape because it’s when all your friends used to praise and compliment your sense of humor and this your comfort zone.

    Keep calm, you are you and the good qualities you’re differentiated with among your friends are still there, it’s just a temporary transitional state and you will return to joke and chat with your friends just like before, but this time you will be a happy person, not someone pretending.

  • The slimness obsession

    Mean Girls

    This usually happens with girls and the reason is choosing a wrong goal. The bikini body and the 6 packs are good reasons. However, it might change you to a person who is just obsessed with losing weight regardless if this is what makes you satisfied or not.

    You’re exaggerating and setting unrealistic goals for yourself. You might go crazy if you ate a piece of chocolate or gained half a kilo. Reassure yourself that you’re doing a good job and that satisfaction is not having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model.

  • The desired disappearance

    Guess Who

    Your body transformation is on top of the gossip list and everybody is fascinating about your body. It’s not always a nice thing, at many times it is embarrassing and tiring. You might even want to disappear because you’re not happy that your body has became the talk of everyone or the highlight of every conversation.  But you need to know that everything is meant to an end and it’s just a matter of time and people will find other things to talk about, then you will have an improved self-esteem.


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