A tantrum at the mall vs. a candy bag, don’t choose the easiest


On very casual day at the mall, your kid will definitely stop you by the candy booth. You find his eyes piercing through all the candies there. It is not only about your heart as a mother that has melted already, you also start imagining what would happen if you said “NO”. The terrible tantrum your kid will sure go through is the first thing that crosses your mind and makes you agree.

However the dangerous effects candies have on your kid’s health should make you say BIG FAT NO and bear a tantrum.

1.Weakened immunity

candies and kids' health

We all know that eating candies and sweets is associated to tooth decay and hyperactivity, but not many of us know that they weaken the immunity and makes your kid more prone to catching colds and other viruses. Sugar suppresses white blood cells from attacking harmful bacteria in the body for at least five hours after consumption.


2.Weight gain & obesity

candies and kids' health

It’s becoming a common thing among kids nowadays and one of the main reasons behind it is the very high calories that exist in candies and sweets your kids consume. A single candy might contain about 250 – 280 calories, this makes kids consume huge amount of calories which leads to weight gain, and eventually obesity.


3.Hyperactivity, then hypo activity

candies and kids' health

When it comes to hyperactivity, parents think that the problem happens when kids eat candies in the evening only and this makes them allow their kids to have some candies or sweets in the morning or before the training time for example. However, they might be the worst thing your kid can eat when he needs energy. This is because when a kid eats something sweet, blood sugar levels rise too high and the body releases insulin absorbing sugar into the cells to be used as energy, but as soon as the blood sugar levels drop leaving your kid shaky with no energy.


4.Reduced bone strength

candies and kids' health


Believe it or not! Sugar depletes your kid’s bones of key nutrients that are necessary to bone growth and development, especially, calcium, magnesium, and copper.


5.Hindering the reach of vitamin C to cells

candies and kids' health

Insulin is a carrier that transports sugar and vitamin C in and out of the cells. When it is too busy with sugar, vitamin C doesn’t find a way to reach the cells.


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