5 Reasons to Take your Workout Outside

5 Reasons to Take your Workout Outside

Sometimes you simply don´t feel like hitting the gym or for that matter seeing the same people every day. Exercising outdoors will give you a new positive perspective. Bonuses include you don’t have to wait for that person texting in the leg press, or share sweaty equipment with random strangers instead you can create your own outdoor workout. Find our top 5 reasons nature knows best outlined below:

Vitamin D

Even in sunny Cairo people don’t get enough vitamin D. Sunlight naturally increases our vitamin D supply, protecting the body against cancer and heart disease, reducing depression and type 2 diabetes.


The gym can be a little cramped. (if you’ve been to Golds Gym in Cairo at night you’ll know what I mean!) Don’t settle for a packed studio or gym when you are trying to destress. How can you connect with yourself if you are stuck in a room with 30 other people? Moving your workout outside gives you space, and the freedom to train in a way that might be embarrassing in a gym. A Scottish health survey found that those that took physical activity outdoors instead of the gym experienced a 50% greater effect on their mental health.

Save your money

Nature is free. Whereas gyms in Cairo are increasingly expensive. All you need are a good pair of tennis shoes. Saving this money can potentially make you invest in other things that lead to good health, fitness trackers, jump ropes and weights are just some of the fitness accessories you could use to boost your workout.

Get creative

If you are a regular gym goer, you are already acquainted with all the machines and you have a standard routine. Try something different, taking it outside requires some creativity, to design a new workout. Those stairs, a bench – use them.

Feel better

A Stanford study showed that a walk or bike ride can actually lower your risk of depression and improve brain function. It can also increase your energy much more than an indoor facility. Nature is the perfect tonic for vitality.

The bottom line is research shows nature has a hugely positive impact on a person. Take your workout outside might be just what you need to feel better.

Hastag #CairoGymsOutside and show us where you went when you you’re your workout outside.

This video shows the following workouts:


  • 20 Body weight squats + 15 jumping squats
  • 20 each leg Forward lunges + 15 jumping lunges each leg
  • 20 each side Lateral lunges + 15 each side ice skaters
  • Repeat 3 times and build up to 5 times are you get fitter and faster

(Tip: focus on technique for the first part and power or speed in the second part)


Equipment required: Kettle Bell

  • 20 Around the world (triceps)
  • 20 Basic Kettle bell swing (Full body)
  • 20 Push press (Shoulders)
  • 12 Windmill, each side (Obliques)

(TIP: keep your eye on the Kettle Bell, this isn’t an easy move, it requires go shoulder stability)

  • 20 Weighted sit up (Abdominals)
  • 10 Pushups (Chest, core, triceps, and rear delts)
  • (Tip: do on your knees if its too difficult)
  • 15 Upright row, each arm (back)

Repeat 3 times and build up to 5 times are you get fitter and faster

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