5 shades of not getting enough sleep

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Whether you’re health conscious or not, sleep tends to be the last thing in your priorities. Many of us started paying attention to what they eat, avoid unhealthy foods, and began a fitness routine. However, most of us skip an important factor of the equation which is sleep and we are not aware that not getting enough sleep does contribute to our overall health also affect our weight and fitness levels.

Here are some bad effects of not getting enough sleep and by this we mean 6-8 hours, preferably before 12am.

1.A dehydrated skin

lack of sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep negatively affects your skin? When you don’t sleep well, your PH levels drop leading to dryness and dryness causes all the unwanted effects to your skin like redness and breakouts.

2.Weight gain

sleep loss

This is an effect that many people are not aware of, however, they are strongly connected. Not only because, lack of sleep affects the hunger hormones and stimulates the appetite, but also because it affects your overall body and mood which makes you more likely to eat more caloric foods and less likely to have energy to exercise.

3.Dark circles

lack of sleep

You can conceal the effect of a hangover night, but you can’t do this for good. The secret is enough sleep because when you don’t, your blood vessels dilate which causes to dark circles under your eyes..

4.Early aging

sleep loss

This is the long-term effect of not sleeping well. At first, it results in puffy eyes, but by time when lack of sleep becomes your normal routine, your body release excess amounts of cortisol, stress hormone leading to break down of collagen which is responsible to keep skin smooth and elastic. By time this causes lackluster skin and fine lines.

5.Stress, short-temper, and anger

lack of sleep

We always say that stress prevents us from sleeping well, but this way we’re getting trapped inside a vicious circle because when we don’t sleep, we become too stressed, nervous, and angry. We have to avoid any stress triggers before sleep like social media, eat a comfort food, and take a warm shower.


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