5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Happiness

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Ever thought that your current problems are not the end of the world; that there are things you can actually do to get out of the misery you’re dwelling into.


Jumping Egypt1

Who jumps and doesn’t laugh like crazy? Whenever you find yourself depressed and want to have some time alone, you can make use of that time by jumping. Get yourself a trampoline at home or go to jumping Egypt classes. Jumping helps you release the negative energy bottled up inside you. Find Jumping Classes 


Regular Sleep


Make sure to get straight 8 hours of sleep every day. Try to set yourself a fixed wake-up and sleep time. Having a regular enough sleep helps you function properly also pushes the negative thoughts away making you a more positive person. Find Sleeping Tips

Study Something New

Meditation Women

Never stop where you are. Learning new things helps steer the wheel of happiness. Whether it’s related to your study or you just want to explore something new, it’s the best means to keep your mind busy. Also expanding your knowledge lowers the chance to feel down as it makes it easier to meet new people and connect with different mentalities. Tips and Advice

No Comfort Zones

Women Running

Having a comfort zone as much as it feels good it can also break you down if anything has suddenly changed. Always thrive for change. Don’t fall for the comfort zone thing, it’s a trap. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” remember?. Exercise and Depression



We save the best for last. Exercise exercise exercise!  Vent it all out while doing something useful for your body. Help your body so it can help your mind.  Find Exercises

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