5 steps to drink more water today

Drink Water

This is not another article about how important water is and how we should be drinking how many glasses of water every day, we promise.  It’s about putting all the talk into action. we all know how important water is, but how many of us actually drink enough water every day? Here are few ways to help you drink more water throughout your day:


1- Add flavor

Water is tasteless, which makes drinking more than one glass of water not a very fun task. Add a touch of flavor to your plain water and make it exciting. Try fresh fruits like strawberries, veggies like cucumber, or herbs like mint to your cup.

Here’s a secret to making a great lemon-mint water: Muddle the herbs with a wooden spoon to unlock their flavor. Also, Un-peel the skin of the lemon to make your water last all day.

2 – Use an app


A simple mobile application can help make the process easier! Check your app store, you will find lots and lots of free apps to remind you daily to drink water. If for any reason you don’t want to use an app, try manual alarms on your phone.

3 – Keep your water nearby


Keep different bottles of water around the house and on your desk at work. This will make it easier to drink up your daily dose.

4 – Water over soda

diet soda

On hot summer days like these days, sometimes all you want to do is drink a cold can of soda. At least that’s what you think you need. Next time you find yourself craving a soda drink, try a glass of water first. Your cravings will most probably fade right away.

5- Start your meals with it


If you don’t know that information already, drinking water before meals can help you lose weight. we believe that this piece of information is enough motivation for anyone to drink water.

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