5 Suhoor Recipes To Prepare In 5 mins

Ramadan Sohour Recipes

Time flies from sunset to midnight, and we’re always tired to prepare suhoor, but not anymore! Cairogyms team promises you these 5 suhoor recipes prepared in 5 mins are delicious, time-efficient and nutritious! Let’s get prepping!

Frozen yogurt with granola and fruit

frozen yoghurt

A bowl of frozen yoghurt with a gourmet granola, and a handful of your favorite picks of fruit is always a heavenly, nutritious go-to meal! Yoghurt and fruits will also keep you hydrated throughout the day!

Grilled halloumi and watermelon


Not so odd! We Egyptians always loved the mix of cheese and watermelon! Slice or chop into cubes your halloumi cheese, grill it, and cut your watermelon as you prefer! You can serve this meal into skewers or sandwich the ingredients with one another! 

Avocadoes and eggs (poached or fried) toast


Avocadoes and eggs will offer you a great share of healthy fats and proteins! Grab your favorite toast (preferably brown with grains) mash your avocadoes, spread them, and cook your eggs to your liking and place it on top,

Oatmeal with dates

Oat meal with Dates

Pour your favorite oatmeal in a bowl, add hot/cold milk and put in some super-foody dates!

Za3tar, labneh, and veggies sandwich

Zaatar Sandwich

With this one, once you start, you cant go back, get your favorite break, spread some labneh add za3tar with a few drops of olive oil, and complement it with slices tomatoes and cucumber, and fresh green mint, thank us later!

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