5 things your weight scale won’t tell you

  • You gained muscles not fats

    muscle gainIt might be the most frustrating thing to step on a weight scale after a month of workouts to find that you gained weight, instead of losing. However, what the increase in number doesn’t tell you that this is not fats, but muscles and during building muscles, you’re losing fats and burning calories. You’re wrong if you think that the increase in number in both cases are the same. That’s because when you gain weight from muscles, you’re becoming a fitter person, such like your clothes.

  • You are stressed

    stressed womanThe number on the scale doesn’t take your psychological state in consideration which directly affects your weight. When you are stressed, your body releases more of Cortisol, the stress hormone, which makes it hold onto fat. If you weighed yourself at this period, the first thing you will do is that you will blame yourself of this weight gain and this is the last thing that helps.

  • The number increase doesn’t mean you gained weight

woman on weight scale

Again because weight scale just gives you a number, what you get is that you just gained weight. However, it’s illogical that you gained 3 kilos in a day. What the scale doesn’t tell you is that this number counts undigested foods and water. An average person can see a daily fluctuation in water weight of about 1 kilo, without any changes in his eating or training style.

  • This is the worst time to weigh yourself

    weigh after workoutThe number the scale gives you won’t tell you that you can’t take it as a measurement because it’s after an intense workout. Although it’s the most common time for people to weigh, it’s the worst timing! Immediately after a workout, the percentage of mass in muscle, fat, bone, blood, urine, and intestinal gas increases. All those categories are the components of the number you get on the scale.


  • You became more fit

    get fit

Even if you saw a decreased number on the scale from last time, it doesn’t tell you that you became more fit, or that you can count more push ups now than when you started.

That’s why it’s time to free yourself from giving exaggerated importance to the number you get on a weight scale. Instead, hammer on changing bad unhealthy habits and have a balanced long term life style instead of losing some kilos for a wedding or the Summer.

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