5 tips to avoid the Johnny Bravo figure and ease your leg day

Johny Bravo


Have you ever stared at your endless gym selfies and said “I know this person, it’s Johnny Bravo!”? Actually if you looked at your gym buddies, you would find that most of them have the same figure. This is because you and them were very concerned with having strong shoulders and biceps that in fact gave your Polo shirt a sexy figure. However, you forgot an important aspect of the equation which is the “LEGS” for your jeans figure.

It’s an intended forgetfulness because leg workouts might be the most difficult workouts. That’s why we’re bringing you some tips that will ease the process and give you better results.

1.Mix strength and power

Johnny Bravo figure

It’s the perfect combination for lean and strong legs, as well as burning calories faster. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps, then do split jumps switching the leg position every time you land for 15 counts to engage all the muscle fibers.

2.Your weaker side first


Johnny Bravo figure

For most people the weaker side is the left one and it’s recommended to start with. It’s important to work your weaker side when you’re still fresh and not tired because if you did the opposite, you would be keeping your right side stronger and not giving your left side the extra room it needs.

3.Use your body weight

Johnny Bravo figure

While being at the gym, there are a wide range of machines for sure seems seductive for using. However, if you need to better focus on your legs, then use your body weight as this will help you use more leg muscles , burn more calories, achieve more balance and stability, and strengthen the ligaments of your knees.

4.Exhaust your stronger leg muscles

Johnny Bravo figure

With isolated workout before doing a compound one. This will help strengthen your weaker muscles as they will be forced to do extra effort as they are the fresher. If your hamstrings are your weaker leg muscles, for example, do sets of leg extensions, then immediately switch to squat or lunge.

5.Remember your leg in your daily life

Johnny Bravo figure

Yes we sometimes forget the existence of our legs all over the day, then you start recalling them at the gym time. It won’t work like this. Walk to the nearest supermarket instead of driving, use the stairs instead of the elevator at work. You will also burn more calories.

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