5 Tips to Set Your Success Goals for The New Year


Feeling tired, miserable, lacking in enthusiasm? Well it does not matter, get up and live. It is no longer a question, If you should get up or if you should workout or if you should go to work and give it your all. It is a MUST. You must get up, you must work out, you must do whatever must be done that will lead you to be successful in whatever you define success to be.

Here are some tips to help you set your success goals:

  1. Make it a habit just as you must brush your teeth, because when you carry out these tasks you take yourself a step closer to reaching your success.
  2. Envision yourself a year from now, visualize yourself in the position you wish to be in and then do         everything you could today that will bring yourself closer to that image. Your life is not a game, you do not get any repeats, you do not get any pauses and today will not come again
  3. Your time is the most valuable product you have, you cannot make more of it and you definitely cannot get it back so do not waste it. Do not waste your greatest product by letting it pass by like you have got lots of it. Stop postponing your life and start living today, not tomorrow, not next week but now. Start your diet today, start working out today and stop postponing today to tomorrow.
  4. If you are still young and yet to experience life then you should know that success will not come           knocking on your door, you have to go out and get it. Your success or failure is the result of your effort not your luck. Fools believe in luck, winners believe in preparation and hard work. So get up and be     great because it is easy being average, it is easy being normal, but it is hard being great that is why     only a few are.
  5. Do not try to be great in the eyes of strangers, do not try to please them, pleasing them may lead to     your despair but be great in your own eyes and in your own heart. Do what is good for your soul and     what makes YOU feel great.


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