5 Top Tips To Reduce Your Waist Size

Reduce Your Waist Size

Ever heard that a recent study has found the average woman’s waist has increased by seven inches since the 50s to reach 34 inches?

A waist over 34.5 inches may have a greater risk possibility of heart disease, high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

However it’s never too late to lose belly fat. Try these waist toning exercises to feel healthy and enhance your fitness level.



curl it

Lie on your back with your hands palm-down, tucked under the small of your back. Bend your knees and slightly lift your head and shoulders.

You don’t have to crunch up too much to get faster and more desired response from your entire abdominal muscle complex, which means a flatter waist in a shorter time.

Still too much exercises? Well, get a hula hoop, and with 15 minutes hooping a day, you will get a toned waist.




If you’re a fan of soft drinks, you could be unintentionally increasing your waist size. Soft drinks include gas in them which causes gas in your intestinal system. Also try to stay away from artificial drink ­sweeteners and syrups because our bodies can’t break down properly.

Try as much as you can to trade your diet drinks for water. And finally, drink peppermint tea regularly, some studies suggest it can ease the symptoms of IBS and reduce bloating.




Still can’t lose your belly fat? Puffed stomach with no obvious reason is usually resulted from an imbalance of bacteria in your stomach, caused by excess yeast, known as Candida. Being on the Pill or HRT, or even taking antibiotics too regularly can all trigger the problem.

Beans, potatoes, sprouts, lentils, broccoli, bananas and raisins can all make bloating worse. Instead, stick to berries, kiwi fruit, plums and other low-sugar healthy fruits. Eat more eggs and pumpkin seeds to support your stress levels as they have calming ­properties.




If you’ve not got time to have launch then start your diet and exercises before an event or holiday, you can cheat.






Pilates is the way to reduce your waist size, and help you lose your belly fat. Most classes begin with ‘the hundred’ – so called because you hold the position for 100 beats. It works muscles to create a strong and stable core, tone your waist and enhance your fitness level.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Then lift your feet off the ground and bend your knees to a 90-degree. ]Your shins should be ­parallel to the floor.

Reach your arms towards the sky. As you exhale, bring your arms back down ­towards the floor while ­lifting your head and very top of your ­shoulders off the mat.

Continue this ­movement, breathing in and out to a count of five. Aim to keep your head and torso still and flatten the abdominal area.

Now get ready to see results in a week.

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