5 unhealthy ways of preparing food to avoid


It’s not just about eating healthy foods because sometimes the way of preparing the food turns it to unhealthy one. Pay attention to the following ways that we all mistakenly do:


  • Heating oil to the smoke point

    heating oilWhen we’re making a recipe of stir frying, we start with heating oil in a pan, but sometimes we overheat the oil until it reaches the smoke point. This makes oil breaks down destroying its antioxidants and forming harmful compounds. So, it’s always better to heat oil until it just shimmers.

  • Washing vegetables after cutting them


    The best way in washing vegetables is to dip them in warm water and salt before cutting or peeling them. Because once they are cut and washed, vegetables lose their vitamins and minerals.

  • Using nonstick skillets on high heat

    skillet on heatWith nonstick skillet, heat is preferred to be medium or low as high heat can make the nonstick lining release PFCs in the form of fumes which might cause liver damage.

  • Rinsing meat in the sink

    rinsing meat in the sink

This contaminates the sink with bacteria and might cause foodborne illness. You can pat the meat with paper towel instead.

  • Stirring food with metal utensils on nonstick skillets

    metal utensil on a nonstick skillet

    Without paying attention, you’re scratching the surface of the skillet which ingests the PFCs in the nonstick lining.


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