5 Way’s Stick To Your Fitness Goals

5 Way's Stick To Your Fitness Goals

We always hear stories of people who subscribe to a membership at the gym for one year and then visit it twice; once to explore the gym, and another visit to warm up. It all owes back to the lack of persistence because if you set your mind to reaching a goal you will never give up. It’s okay to be demotivated at certain times but don’t let it win over you, help yourself to always stay on track with these tips.


Remember why you ever started. Keep your goals in front of you all the time; write them down and use sticky notes to put them where you can always see them. Surround yourself with your goals on your bathroom mirror, in your car, and on your desk so that they will always be in your mind.


Like any sort of addiction once you’re an addict it’s hard to go back. Get your body addicted to the feeling you get after exercising. Be an endorphin addict!


A way to keep you motivated is to know that you’re not alone. Many are sharing the same goals with you; many are willing to work as hard as you want to. Try out the group classes where everything around you will be full of energy and enthusiasm.


Know how to reward yourself when you stick to your workout and nutrition plan. Arrange a hang out with your friends and loved ones to celebrate every week’s results.


Always ask yourself “Will I regret skipping working out?” Avoid beating yourself up and the irritating feeling you’d get if you skipped your training. Keep telling yourself “Do it now so you won’t regret it later”.

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