5 Ways To Stay Hydrated During Ramadan Days

Hydrated During Ramadan

Ramadan calls for action, healthy habits, and with summer hitting its rays of heat on us, HYDRATION! Here are 5 ways to keep your body hydrated and healthy throughout your fasting hours!

The Frequent sips


Besides your breakfast cup of water, it is highly recommended to take frequent sips of water until fajr instead of having a ton-loads of liters right before it! That way you keep your body hydrated and calibrate your water intake! 

Chum on Watery foods

Have your share of foods high in water content like dairy products, watermelon, grapes, apples, and cucumbers. Try to limit your caffeine intake by toning down your coffee and tea-cups!

Don’t skip the Soup!


Soup is super for hydration, we know the iftar table will be screaming deliciousness but let’s get our water and electrolytes first!

Let’s talk fashion  


Being outside in these super-hot temperatures will lead to a more loss of fluids through sweating and fast breaths, so let’s keep our fashion light both in weight and color, and our pace slower during that time of day!

Cold (not freezing!) showers

Cold showers rehydrate your body during the holy month of Ramadan. Dehydration will lead you to cracked lips and skin, and tiredness, so lower your body temperature with a cold shower, or use a cool towel to apply to your forehead and neck!

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