50 Inspiring Egyptian Women to Follow in 2021

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We’ve scanned social media for the most influential health and fitness accounts. Despite there being too many to count, we brought you a list of 50 inspiring Egyptian women to follow in 2021.We definitely missed a lot though. Don’t forget to mention your favorite influencer in a comment below if we’ve missed them.

1- Amany Khalil

Amany Khalil Virtual Marathon

Amany is Egyptian athlete and the first Egyptian Iron”mom”.

2- Mayar Sherif

Mayar El Sherif

Mayar is an Egyptian tennis champion.

3- Maha AbdelSalam

Maha Abdel Salam

Maha is an Egyptian Olympic diver.

4- Sandra Samir

Sandra Samir

Sandra is an Egyptian tennis champion.

5- Yara Shalaby

Yara Shalaby

Yara is an Egyptian cross country rally champion

6- Yasmeen AbuElmaaty

Yasmeen AbuElmaaty

Yasmeen is an Egyptian pole vault champion.

7- Haydy Morsy

Haydy Morsy

Haydy is an Egyptian Olympian and modern pentathlete.

8- Aya Ayman Abbas

Aya Ayman Abbas

Aya is an Egyptian Paralympic swimming champion.

9- Rania Hammad

Rania Hammad

Rania is a survivor, an influencer, and a true inspiration.

10- Sandy Tawfik

Sandy Tawfik

Sandy is the founder of ramla studio, CrossFit athlete and coach, certified flexibility & mobility trainer, and certified air yoga and air flexibility trainer.

11- Farida Osman

Farida Osman

Farida is an Egyptian Olympic swimming Champion.

12- Hania Moro

Hania Moro

Hania is an Egyptian Olympic swimming Champion.

13- Raneem El Weleily

Raneem Elweliely

Raneem is an Egyptian World squash champion.

14- Sarah AbdelMoniem

Sara Abdel Moneim

Sarah is the Founder of Sukun Studios, yoga teacher, Budokon instructor, and Radio presenter.  

15- Asmaa El Zohairy

Asmaa Zohairy

Asmaa is an Egyptian indoor rowing champion, rowing athlete, Founder of Sculln’Blades, and Egypt’s Nike ambassador.

16- Omneya El Yamany

Omnia El Yamany

Omneya is an Egyptian adaptive skydiver, disability ethics and equality trainer, and adaptive athlete, and model.

17- Nour El Sherbiny

Nour elsherbiny

Nour is the current World #1 Egyptian World Squash Champion.

18- Hania El Hammamy

Hania el Hamamy

Hania is an Egyptian squash champion.

19- Giana Farouk

Giana Farouk

Giana is an Egyptian karate world champion.

20- Samar Hamza

Samar hamza

Samar is an Egyptian Olympic wrestler and world champion.

21- Deana Shaaban

Deana Shaaban

Deana is a Fashion designer and creative director @deanashaabanofficial, and fitness director @ignite.egypt

22- Amna Magdy

Ammna Magdy

Amna is a National rowing and indoor rowing champion Partner, rowing coach @cairow.watersports

23- Emma Benany

Emma Benany

Emma is a Professional rower and founder at @cairow.watersports.

24- Habiba El Kobrossy

Habiba el kobrosy

Habiba is a Model,Taekwondo athlete and coach, and fitness coach.

25- Manal Rostom

Manal Rostom

Manal is Surviving hijab founder, Nike ambassador, and Nike running coach.

26- Yara El Sharkawy

Yara El Sharkawy

Yara is an Egyptian fencer.

27- Mariz Doss

Mariz Doss

Mariz is a Marathoner, mountain climber, solo traveler, backpacker, and a sportholic

28- Diala Jamalledin

Diala Jamlledin

Diala is a Mom, artist, former tennis player, yoga teacher, coach and personal trainer, and ISSA certified nutritionist.

29- Farah Nofal

Farah Nofal 2

Farah is the Founder of @edenwellnesseg and @yogithings_, 500RYT yoga teacher, Animal Flow instructor, IIN health coach, and L2CF trainer.

30- Yasmine Nazmy

Yasmin Nazmy

Yasmine is an Environmental engineer, owner of @kaju.egy, and  author of @Happy.Belly.Book

31- Rana Hariri

Rana Hariri

Rana is a Fitness Coach.

32- Sarah El badry

Sara El Badry

Sarah is a Nutritionist and fitness coach.

33- Alaa Ashmawy

Alaa Ashmawi

Alaa is a Coach and founder of @train.with.ash.

34- Nada Tobgi

Nada Tobgi

Nada is a Fighter, MuayThai, kickboxing, Animal Flow, and boxing certified instructor.

35- Ingy Noury

Ingy Noury

Ingy is a Yoga , air yoga, pilates, and flexibility teacher.

36- Safi Byoumi

Safi Bayoumy

Safi is an Athlete, marketer, Adidas brand ambassador, certified aerial yoga teacher, ISSA certified fitness trainer, and CrossFit Judge.

37- Miracle Nasif

Miracle Nassif

Miracle is a Fitness, fashion, nutrition, and beauty coach.

38- Alia Sherif

Alia El Sherif

Alia is a Twice certified 200RYT Vinyasa yoga instructor

39- Mariam Azmy

Mariam Azmi

Mariam is an International yoga teacher and holistic wellness advocate.

40- Salma Taha

Salma Taha

Salma is a banker and online personal trainer.

41- Rasha El Baramawy

Rasha ElBarmawi

Rasha is a Nutritionist.

42- Noura HasabAllah

Noura Hasabala

Nour is a Nutritionist, health coach, certified heath professional, and IIN ambassador.

43- Passant Thekry

Passant Thekry

Passant is an Egyptian national athletics athlete, full time fitness coach, flexibility, pole & hoop instructor, and part time model.

44- Farah Meguid

Farah Meguid

Farah is a Functional trainer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu Bluebelt, and professional squash athlete and coach.

45- Hadia Hosny Elsayed

Hadia hosny el saed

Hadia is Badminton Olympic champion, member of Parliament, founder of @hadiahosnybadmintonacademy.

46- Hania Abou elmakarem

Hania Abuelmakarem LA7

Hania is a Coach, architect, amd EXOS-certified performance specialist.

47- Dina Elmougy

Dina Elmougy

Dina is an athlete and a wellness advocate.

48- Farah Ehsan

Farah Ehsan

Farah is a Teacher and FRC mobility specialist.

49- Fatma Hagras

Fatma Hagras

Fatma is a World Champion and TV Presenter

50- Noor Emad

Noor Emad Coach

Noor is a Football player, personal trainer, bodyweight trainer, and strength and conditioning coach.

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