6 beach activities to stay fit

Beach Volly Summer

There are two types of people in the world; people who go on vacation to mess up their entire diet and gain weight and those who like to keep fit, and even lose some good summer weight. Which one are you? If you’re the second or want to be, we applaud you. This article is for you. Here are some activities to help you lose some weight on the beach, while still having fun.


1- Swim

Swimming is a great and fun beach activity. It can burn from 223 to 409 calories, depending on stroke and speed.

2- Run on the beach



Make use of the sand; Running in the sand is much more effective than running on a firm surface.

3- Build a castle



Building a sand castle burns approximately 100 calories an hour. Try to build the castle not so close from the water, this way you will get to run back and forth to get a bucket of water. CARDIO!

4- Beach volley



Volleyball is a great beach activity; it’s an aerobic sport with constant changes of direction and starts and stops that go against your momentum, which makes it a great way to expend more energy.

5- Water gun fight

Grab a gun and run around trying not to get wet. Beside all the fun, running, laughing, and fighting will help you burn some good calories.


6- Racket


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