6 Fitness Facts Women Should Know

Fitness Facts

Here are 6 fitness facts every woman should know.

1- No matter how your fitness level is, you can start a daily exercise routine.

Old Workout

Even a 90-year-old woman can benefit from light exercise.


2- Women and men respond to exercise in different ways.

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Exercise is perfect when couples are engaged together, however women shouldn’t follow the same exact exercise regime as their partners. Women need to do more exercise and exert much effort to reap the same results as men. Tailoring your workout during training with your partner is a must.


3- Even the simple movements in your day can increase your fitness level.

For example, if you park in the last row, walking for five minutes each day between your office and your car as well as getting up and down stairs at your office during your coffee break, can make you 20 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.


4- Physical activity can help women with heart disease to experience improved daily function.


5- To address all of your body components of fitness.


Try to include continuous aerobic exercise that involves the movement of large muscle groups; weight lifting; and some stretching workout.


6- It takes your body about 12 weeks after starting an exercise routine to see results.

However, before those 12 weeks, you will notice an increase in your strength and endurance.

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