6 places to visit during pregnancy and post delivery

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Smash the old ideas that pregnancy is a period for resting on the couch. This doesn’t make it any better. You need to workout and prepare and relax your mind during the 9 months and after delivery. Having a baby also is no more a barrier for not exercising and having some time for yourself.

We’re getting you some places where you can safely workout during pregnancy and after with your baby along.

Osana Family Wellness

Osana Family Wellness

It’s not just a name, Osana Family Wellness is actually the suitable place for any lady who is going through the process of making a family. Osana offers a wide range of classes tackling the journey from the very beginning. They have pregnancy yoga, flow baby yoga class, and mom & baby yogalates for little ones who can walk. Moreover, every now and then they hold workshops and sessions that help in taking care of your kid since he is in your womb.

Instagram: osanawellness
Address 4, El Nady St., Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 0101 773 3770

Nun Center

Nun centerYou can enjoy classes of Nun center during pregnancy and after as well. There you will find prenatal yoga classes with certified instructors and other classes for the period after like baby massage & mama fit and mom & baby yogalates. They also have courses help with taking care of babies like CPR and first aid.

Instagram: nuncenter
Address: 4 Shafik Mansour, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 0122 398 0898

Rofayda Health Park

Rofayda Health ParkRofayda Health Park is a complete medical camp that have special medical and fitness services for expecting mothers, current mothers, and babies.  They have gynecology, breastfeeding, and laser clinics and prenatal yoga and pilates and mom & baby yoga classes.

Instagram: rofayda_health_park
Address: 27 Crazy Water Axis, Enterance 2, Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt.
Telephone: 02 37963130

Reform Pilates Studios

Reform Pilates Studios

Reform Pilates Studios don’t just offer prenatal classes, they are launching a 9 month prenatal Pilates course. This course assures your safety excluding the irritating side effects of pregnancy like back pain and poor sleep.

Instagram: reformpilatesegypt
Address Arkan plaza tower 5 1st floor, 6th October City, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 01283000501

Address 24 Guezira el Wusta st. Zamalek, 1st floor apt. 5, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 01222207669

Flow Wellness Centers

Flow Wellness Centers

Flow Wellness Centers is a specialized mother and child wellness center with certified instructors that teach yoga, pilates, and yogalates. They also have special workshops like child birth preparation for couples.

Instagram: flowwellnesscenter
Address” 13 Dr Nageeb Hashad Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 0127 288 7338


Yalla Yoga

YallaYoga is definitely one of the most well known yoga studios in town. You can enjoy prenatal yoga there with the professional instructor Shama Kaur. Shama classes are relaxing ones that prepare the mind and body for delivery.

Instagram: yallayoga
Address: 15 El Maahad El Eshtraki Street, El Hegaaz st opposite to Meriland), Roxy, Misr El Gidida, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 0127 866 3371


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