6 super tips for getting 6 packs

Secret Abs

The 6 pack abs is definitely the ultimate goal of many guys around. Every day, many people write articles about the hidden secrets of 6 packs. There are no secrets in this thing, abs are like any other muscle. With some guidance in exercising, you will achieve the results you want.

1.Crunch your abs together

crunchesCrunches, no doubt, are one of the best workouts for 6 pack abs. However, many people stick to it without noticing any obvious result. That’s because most people do it the wrong way. You should crunch down until you feel your abs are pounded together.


2.Do cardio in the morning

cardioCardio will always be most effective when you want to lose fat, as 80% and more of the energy you release during it is fat. It’s better to do it in the morning because it’s when your body can work with its maximum effort.


3.Eat a balanced diet

balanced diet

We can’t ignore nutrition in the process of developing 6 packs. It’s very important to eat a balanced diet of proteins, fats, and carbs. Not to mention how important and essential protein is, it is the main nutrient that will help you build lean muscle and burn fat, digesting protein helps burn many calories, as well.

Although it’s a strange thing to mention carbs and fats in a 6 pack abs diet, you can’t do without them. It’s important to take carbs post workout since that time they are absorbed directly into the muscle tissue promoting growth.

Enough with the low fat diet syndrome, it’s about the types. You can’t remove fats completely from your diet because monounsaturated fats keep your insulin levels stable, thus help in losing the belly fat and revealing the 6 packs.

4.Exercise your core muscles

plankIt’s not just about abs muscle, exercising your core is not less important for your posture. There are 2 highly recommended workouts for that; plank and reverse crunch. Plank hits 2 birds with one stone, it exercises both your abs and back muscles. Reverse crunches works on lower abs which is the difficult part.


5.Less is more

abs workoutWe always believe that more is better, but this doesn’t apply all the time. When it comes to crunching, it’s not advisable to crank out hundreds. Abs like any muscles need the reps per set to be fairly low. Start with 10-12, then increase the resistance when you find it easy, not the number of reps.


6.Be unexpected

abs workoutAlways surprise your body because it’s not good when it’s used to a certain routine of workouts. Each time target different muscle groups and change the moves of the day before.

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