6 tips to sweat less during exercising

sweat less during exercising

Whether you work out before or after Iftar, the last thing you want to have in Ramadan is dehydration. One of the top things that makes your body dehydrates is Sweating. This doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising during Ramadan. You can workout, but take some precautions to sweat less.

Here are 6 tips that will help you sweat less during exercising:

  • Take a cold shower

    taking a shower

Why is it important to be cold? Because cold water will reduce your body temperature, and thus decrease sweating. The most important thing is to dry your body thoroughly because fungi and bacteria flourish with wetness which make the body sweats.


  • Drink very cold water

    drinking cold water

If you will work out after Iftar, this is a good opportunity to drink cold water, preferably iced. What’s the relation? When your abdomen thermoreceptors, that help regulate how much your body sweat, receive very cold water, They give signals to your brain to stop sweating.


  • Avoid foods & drinks that cause sweating

    spicy food

-Spicy foods

-Salty foods

-Caffeinated beverages

-High fat milk



  • Wear suitable clothes


The most suitable clothes for exercising to sweat less are loose fitting ones. Concerning the fabric, contrary to popular, cotton is not the best thing to wear during exercising. Cotton could work for a light exercise like walking or yoga. However, the best fabric for high intensity workouts is synthetic like polyester, lycra, and spandex that wick sweat from the body. Some clothes’ labels clarify this. Make sure to change your clothes immediately after finishing the workout. If you are one of the people that sweat heavily, it’s better to switch in between.


  • Take care of your feet

    sports shoes

Because simply they are the body part that sweats the most. Leave time for them to breathe while you are at home, you can walk barefoot if possible. When you return from the gym, sprinkle them with talcum or baby powder to absorb wetness. It’s advisable not to exercise with the same pair of shoes every time.

  • Pick the right time

    work out in heat

It’s better in this hot weather to work out after Iftar. However, if your day schedule makes it better for you to work out before Iftar, make it at 5 or 6 pm not before to avoid the heat as much as you can. It’s also better to work out at that time, so you don’t spend much time without eating or drinking after finishing the workout.

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