9 Types of Women You Will Definitely Meet at the Gym

6 Types of Girls

Okay, because I do my best to play fair in life (Boys are going to LOVE this!) I decided to Also categorize the types of women you boys bump into at the gym… Stereotyping much?

Here are 9 types of women that you’re bound to meet at the gym:

The Tomboy

Tomboy Girl

I was a tomboy for a long period of my life. However, this gym tomboy has hit the bar high for me, usually petite in size with a very muscular almost male like body, she’s raises the bar for every single guy or girl at the gym.

Usually hangs out with the guys and is considered one of the boys, with her very masculine attitude. She’s bound to refer to you as “Dude” or “Man”.

Be warned: The “Tomboy” is very competitive and usually wins. So if I were you, I wouldn’t bother.


The Barbie

Barbie Girl

Usually the best dressed girl around the entire gym, this girl really knows how to dress to kill. Usually she’s into the lighter forms of working out and spends her gym time on a treadmill. (Don’t get me wrong ladies, but these Barbie’s with feelings really do exist) The moment she breaks a sweat it’s time to hit the showers.

She’s that one girl whose hair is always perfectly coiffed that makes you wonder why she is hitting the gym with her hair done in the first place. Point to her she’s an eye catcher and that is what she’s after really. Needless to say gym selfie addict.


The Groom Seeker

Groom Girl


Usually the “Groom Seeker” will be the one eyeing every potential target at the gym (Yes boys some of us are as much hunters as you are!). This type of girl is a strong conversation starter.  She will begin by asking for fitness tips, and then gets personal.  The “Groom Seeker” will schedule herself to her target’s gym schedule.  Beware!

Be warned:Gets very vicious when competition starts to come in her way.


The Social butterfly

Cute Girl

She’s the super cute, super nice gal that you’d want to be friends with once you set your eyes on her. Everybody loves her and she loves everybody. She’ll be very helpful giving you even a tour around the gym, introducing you to everyone.

You’d wonder sometimes if she ever works out, she does BUT she also likes to socialize and she’s talented at making friends.

Be warned: With her excellent social skills and powerful charisma, you’ll end up chatting with her for hours instead of working out.


The Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl


Now what is a gossip guy without a gossip girl….This girl is fierce; she has all the right connections and likes to flaunt it around, she has all the dirt and I MEAN DIRT!

Usually she and gossip guy are best buds who end up spilling each other’s dirt around to everyone under the notion of “Don’t tell anyone I told you”…. Any conversation with her starts with “Omg! Did you hear what happened?” or “Did you know that the guy on the treadmill just broke up with his GF and is out in the market?” and then she’ll give you his detailed history.


The Sexy Momma

Sexy Mom

Now that is the woman that every girl dreams of being like when she hits her late forties; usually a bored house wife or super successful business woman.

This woman is feared and admired; very toned body, beauty, power and success. The “Sexy Mama” is the definition of luscious lethal combo boys, usually, she has a soft spot for the boys but some of those sexy mommas have an eye for men who are slightly older and extremely successful.



The ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ Girl

She’s new to this whole gym, and machines seem to win the battle.


The Gravity-defying Yogi

She is never caught doing any traditional yoga pose, she’s always controlling the gravity and doing crazy poses to show off her flexibility.


The Deaf & Oblivious:

She always puts on her headphones and her favorite tracks at the highest volume that you can hear if you are exercising next to her, she looks calm, not into talking, and not so good at making friends, she comes to workout, finishes her training, takes a shower and leaves placidly!

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