6 Ways For A Better Workout

Better Workout

 Here are 6 Way’s to Improve Your Workout Routine.

1. Eat slow-digesting carbs before workouts

Always eat slow digesting carbs before your workout for more endurance & more fat burning process, especially the one right before your workout, make that a sweet potato, a green apple or an oatmeal.

2. Avoid high-fat meals for a minimum of 3 hours before your workout

A high fat meal will prevent Nitric Oxide to go through your blood vessels for up to 4 hours, which will cause less blood flow to muscles and thus; less muscle pump!

Trust me! That’s not what you want!

3. Get a coffee 30 min to 1 hour before your workout

Researches has shown that a coffee or a caffeine intake prior to a workout increases your endurance, your fat burning process & decreases any muscle pain during the workout PLUS a great mood during your workout.

4. Physically & mentally focus on the muscle you’re training

Just mentally focusing on the muscle you’re working on would actually increase the muscle activity. Remember; the body achieves what the mind believes!

5. Get a music player & a headphone

A source of motivation & adrenaline pumping is always good during a workout. Get that by listening to your favorite songs during training.

6. Do the cardio after your workout

 Research has shown that a post workout cardio is a fat burning process from the first minute, as well as strengthening your heart muscle. That’s how you make your heart more strong!

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