6 ways to make sushi a healthy meal

Sushi, bad or good for my health? Do those small bites hide inside many calories? You decide!

  • Precede it with a low fat soup or salad


    Portion control is very tricky when it comes to sushi! The fact that you eat a sushi in a bite can make you eat more than enough without noticing even if they are healthy types. That’s why it’s important to start with a low fat salad or soup to be a bit filled before you start eating sushi.

  • Avoid the fried and creamy filling options

    sushiIt goes without saying that crunchy and other deep fried kinds of sushi, as well as ones with cream cheese or mayonnaise filling can’t be healthy and you have to avoid if you’re looking for a healthy meal.

  • Select veggie ones

    sushiMany of us get bored from the traditional form of raw vegetables. Sushi is a good opportunity to have your vegetables intake in a form you love.

  • Opt for the 3 in 1

    sushiSalmon and tuna sushi are one of the healthiest kinds because they are high in proteins, omega-3, and unsaturated fats.

  • Prefer Sashimi over Maki


    When you have the choice, make it sashimi. Every single time, you skip rice, you’re gaining health.

  • Skip the soy sauce

    sushiWe can’t deny that one of the major concerns about sushi is the high amount of salt you take in one meal. That’s why it will always be better to avoid the soy sauce that is salty too and limit it to the salt in the sushi itself.

  • Don’t underestimate wasabi

    wasabiIt might be the healthiest item in your sushi meal as it’s packed with antioxidants that are beneficial for your health.

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