6 workouts in the pool for massive calorie burning

Pool workout

It’s Summer time and with this extreme heat we will probably spend most of the time plunging in the pool. What about making the best out of this fun stress-relieving time?

Do you know that exercising in the water burns much more calories than ordinary workouts due to water resistance?

It’s not just the calories that will be more, but also the possibility of injuries will be less as the stress on the body is less making it easier for beginners. This makes water workouts the most beneficial, especially when taking in consideration the easiness aspect since most of the body weight will be lifted by water.

Here are 6 workouts to do in the pool throughout summer and will be astonished by the result:

1. Bicycle

  • bicycle in the pool


If riding a bicycle on the land is a great workout for your abs. Bicycle workout in the pool is extremely great as it doesn’t only affect the abs, but also the core, shoulders and legs as you’re using them to avoid floating.

2. Flutter kick

  • flutter kick in the pool


It’s almost the usual fun thing we do in the water playing with our friends. However, it’s a great workout for your legs. The trick here is to make sure that your legs remain under the water during the workout -to take the advantage of water resistance- and splash rapidly.

3. Frog jump

  • frog jump in the pool


Nothing is as easier as jumping in the water! The deeper you go in the water and the higher you can jump, the harder your quads and butt will work, thus the more calories you will burn. Make sure to keep your heels together, knees bent outward, and bottom under water.

4. Noodle plank

  • noodle plank


Imagine the magical effect of planking on the land and multiply it! That’s because with the support of water, you can hold it longer, therefore have better effect.

5. Ladder pull-up

  • ladder pull-up in the pool

Yes using the ladder to get out of the pool is an exercise itself. And as many people find it difficult to do a pull-up on the land, it will be much easier in water. You can do it both forward facing to work your biceps and rear facing to work your back and shoulders.

6. Push-ups

  • push-ups in the pool


It’s the workout that makes you count moments until you finish it. But the case is different when you do it in water. Hold the edge of the pool and push your body up out of the water until your arms are fully extended. Keep your elbows close to your sides to work your triceps.

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