7 fitness studios in New Cairo to workout, dance, and meditate

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Some people are not interested in joining a gym to walk on the treadmill and lift weights. They are more concerned with exercising with a group of people to get motivated and they are interested in some kinds of classes like dancing and types that work on the mind, body, and soul like yoga and Pilates.

That’s why joining a fitness studio is more suitable for them. Here are some of the top studios in New Cairo.

  • Adams Dance Studio

    Adams DanceIt’s one of the major studios that are specialized in dancing classes incorporating variuos types like hip hop, salsa, contemporary, break dance, and more. You can also find kids, teens, and couples classes.
    Instagram: adamsdancestudio

    Address 36, Al feda Gardens, First Settlement, New Cairo
    Telephone  0100 555 5137

  • The Spin

    The SpinIt’s one of the very rare studios that provides pole dancing classes in New Cairo. Mostly important, it’s working on introducing the concept of Aerial art in Egypt through incorporating classes and workshops.
    Instagram: thespinegypt

    Address Smash Club, Fifth Settlement, Cairo, Egypt
    Telephone  0111 551 2166

  • Deers Egypt

    Deers EgyptIt’s a ladies and kids only fitness studio that includes a wide range of classes like insanity, belly dancing, yoga, and ballet, and more by many of the most well known instructors in town. Deers Egypt strive for making a convenient atmosphere for women where they workout in groups and have their kids safe in a kids area.
    Instagram: deersegypt

    Address Street 53, 2nd district, Grand Plaza mall, 5th Settlement, Cairo, Egypt
    Telephone 0120 022 4044

  • The Mala

    The Mala

    Founded by Shereen El Baz, the studio’s objective is to empower women. They have 6 kinds of classes that are the favorites of all times for women; zumba, pole fitness, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Aerial yoga, pilates, and barre.

    Instagram: themalaeg
    Telephone 0110 028 5521

  • Brass Monkeys

    brass monkey

    Brass Monkeys Studios aims to revolutionize the dance and fitness scene in Egypt building a strong social community of passionate members.

    Instagram: Brass Monkey
    Address Club 7 katameya hills, north 90, 5th settlement
    Telephone 0114 999 7114

  • Motion Junkies

    Motion JunkiesIt’s a new concept of the studios in Egypt! Motion Junkies , as clear from its name, is a place based on creative movements. They work on making movement an obsession and lifestyle for people through some types of classes like Flow, Capoeria, Handstands, Stretching flow, and more.

    Instagram: motionjunkieseg
    Telephone  0122 399 9259

  • Elements Yoga

    Elements yogaFounded by one of the most important yoga teachers in town, Sally Yogini, the studio works on helping people find harmony and balance, and thus find themselves.
    Instagram: @flow_free_with_sally
    Address Villa 102 Yasmine One, First Settlement, New Cairo

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