7 Healthy cravings to warm you up this winter

Healthy Cravings
Healthy Cravings

There is no doubt that our appetites significantly increase in winter. Various different reasons and hypotheses exist as to why that happens, and a major one is that we are simply cold. To warm up we impulsively turn to calorie-loaded hot food or drink, completely disregarding mindful eating and the factors hydration and activity play in heating our bodies up. Diet-induced thermogenesis is the process of heating the body through dietary sources; therefore, mindfully choosing the right foods to keep us warm is of utmost importance.



This seed, rich in fats and fibers, does wonders when it comes to increasing the body temperature. Its “warming” abilities make it a staple Indian winter cuisine.


Ginger is believed to have thermogenic properties and having it in the form of hot tea does double the benefit. It is also a great immunity booster, making it a great winter companion.


Known for its endless medicinal benefits, honey is considered “warm in nature”, keeping the body warm while fighting seasonal changes and alleviating coughs and colds.


Oats are high in zinc, which is important for proper immune function, and soluble fiber, which are associated with heart health. Starting a morning with a warm bowl of oatmeal is guaranteed to keep the body heated. Prepare it at home to avoid the extra fat and sugar of the store-bought versions.

Nuts, seeds, and Dry fruits

Nuts, seeds, and Dry fruits provide the body with the nutrients, vitamins and energy necessary to heat it up and counter the winter cold.

Soups and stews

No winter is complete without the famous شوربة عدس for a reason: hot soup can increase the body temperature to warm it inside out. Foods such as hot soup increase bodily temperatures right away; however, this warming effect does not last. Adding legumes, like lentils, and whole grains to a soup can go a long way in keeping the body heated for longer.

Root vegetables

Compared to above-ground vegetables, roots vegetables like sweet potatoes require more energy to be digested. As the body works to digest them, energy is created, which increases the body’s temperature.

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