7 Healthy Snacks To Nibble At The Beach!

Beach Snacks

“Healthy” and “snacks” seem like two words that are hard to put in one sentence, or so they say! While you’re packing up for a trip to the beach, you can toss these 7 healthy bites in your bag, and nibble proudly on the sand!

1. Fruits

Maybe grab an apple, a banana, some cherries, or make yourself a delicious fruit salad!

2. Veggies and hummus

An alternate to nachos and sauce! Hummus is always a great dip with your vegetable of choice ( carrots, cucumbers…etc)

3. Breadless sandwich

you can get as creative as you can with all the healthy ingredients in your kitchen!

4. Nuts

Nut are not only yummy,  but also very nutritious , so grab a handful!

5. Infused water

Why not give our cool water a hint of taste?  You always cut slices of cucumber, lime, mint, strawberry, apple, cinnamon… you name it, and drop it in your bottle!

6. Dark chocolate peanut butter energy bites

If you’ve plans of motion, you’ll definitely need to fuel up on these heavenly bites!

7. Baked sweet potato chips

Sweet potato is unquestionable in delightfulness and health benefits, so switch packed chips with your own healthy alternative!

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