7 mothers that didn’t eat for two

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I’m eating for two.” The common defense most mothers use during pregnancy so they can eat whatever they like without feeling guilty. However, it’s a very wrong myth to believe because during pregnancy you don’t need to eat for two to guarantee that the baby is well nourished. You need to eat healthy food so the baby is supplied with the essential nutrients he really needs. When you eat for two, you’re just making your pregnancy period, delivery, and post delivery more difficult!

We’re bringing you some fit mothers who succeeded to keep their weight in check and fitness in place to inspire and encourage mothers who’re expecting to do it as well. Those mother simply didn’t eat for two!

  • Norshek


    Her liveliness and the positive energy she spreads are unquestionable. Her spirit reflects a 16 year old teen, not a mother of 2 kids and a founder of 2 main successful projects; The Wellness Log and Jumpsuite.

  • Nazli Mahmoud

    Nazli Mahmoud

    Nazli‘s hope in life is to inspire, she is maintaining this perfectly as a Crossfit trainer and a mum. She founded CrossFit RHEA where people are being aspired to achieve their highest potential. She keeps on inspiring mothers with her fit body and successful career.

  • Heba Serag El Din

    Heba Serag El Din

    Who said that mothers can’t be fashionable, fit, healthy, and successful? Heba Serag El Din breaks all those stereotypes with her pretty trendy looks and and the healthy dishes she always shares.

  • Dalya Darwish

    Dalya Darwish

    Being the fittest woman in Egypt in 2015, Dalya hasn’t lost her fitness during pregnancy. The Crossfit coach at CrossFit Stars kept on lifting weights and squatting in her third trimester making it difficult for any pregnant woman to claim it’s difficult to climb the stairs!

  • Passent Afifi

    Passent Afifi

    Passent is a coach at Stallions, certified group training specialist, certified nutritionist, and mother of 3. Being a mother for 3 times didn’t take from her fitness and her 3 cute monkeys didn’t hinder her to cycle for 40 km and complete the half marathon.

  • Noha El Sherbiny

    Noha El Sherbiny

    She is one of the most outstanding fashionistas and social media influencers, she has thousands of followers who take fashion and trends after her, and she is a fit mum, those are not points of contention. But the side that not many knows about her is her continuous willingness to contribute in any running event to help in empowering women and helping people and her great care about her kid’s health and nutrition.

  • Lidia Mahmoud

    Lidia Mahmoud

    Being a mum can sometimes makes your life messy. But taking a sneak peek at Lidia’s life makes you exclude her from this equation. Lidia is a new mum who inspires many out there by continuing her Crossfit career after delivery.

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