7 things to look for before joining a gym



How many times you took the step and subscribed at the gym, paid for the membership and you didn’t even pass across the road where it is located?

With our daily lifestyle; everything is getting more difficult every day. It’s important to choose the kind of gym that has all the facilities that will help you find no excuses for not going. Remember that you already suffer throughout the day, you don’t need to add extra effort on yourself. Needless to mention that on your way to the gym, your body starts to think that it is about to go through physical torture. So the last thing you need is any reason for you to not go.

Here are 7 important aspects to take in consideration when searching for a gym:

1.A convenient location

parking lot

It doesn’t make sense to have a membership at the best gym in town, if you have to drive an hour to get there because realistically speaking, chances that you really go are big fat zero. The best thing to do is to join one that is close to your home and what is even better if is choosing one which is close to your work place, so you can easily go and work out before or after going to work and save plenty of time. You can even go during your lunch break. There is another important aspect to consider concerning location, which is the parking area. Finding a parking space sometimes can be a real challenge, so choose a gym with a good parking area, you are going there to get some positive energy, not to lose your temper over not finding a place to park your car.

2.A 24-hour facilityopen 24 hours

When choosing a gym, the best thing is to join one that is open 24 hours. This will make it easy for you to go work out whenever you want and will eliminate any chance for your excuses. Plan B if you are interested in joining a gym that doesn’t open 24 hours is to check if its operation hours are suitable for you, because there is no point in joining one that opens at 10 am and the most convenient time for you is to work out at 8 am before work.

The second important thing is to go visit the gym during the hours you prefer exercising at, because maybe they turn out to be very peak hours at the gym, so you will find yourself in a very crowded class or waiting for some time to use a certain machine.


for free

When you’re ordering from Burger King or doing some shopping in Carrefour, most of us will get mislead by the only extra 5 pounds to pay for having a combo instead of a sandwich or the offer that will give you 10 yogurt cups with the price of 15. We easily pay the money and purchase extra things and we totally forget that we didn’t want the fries nor the fizzy drink from the very beginning or that we can’t be able to consume all this amount of yogurt before the expiry date. It’s the same idea when you’re selecting a gym. There is no use to pay money for some facilities you won’t use. Some gyms fees are high because they offer a kids area or have a snacks bar and a specialized nutritionist. However, you might not be in need for all those extra facilities. So it’s important to always pay for the things you will really use.

4.Professional staff and friendly atmosphere

friendly gym staff

This is the perfect combination you could ever have. With all the excuses you give to yourself not to work out, you need motivational and challenging instructors to make you wait for the next class since they spread some sort of an encouraging atmosphere no matter if it’s upbeat or relaxing. The professionalism of the instructors and trainers is something that is also very important. Ask about their experience, certifications, and mostly important their experience in CPR and how they deal with injuries.

5.Free walk-in

free trial

It’s an important option as it’s nice to have the opportunity to check one the classes you would like to join, or try the machines you will be using before subscribing for a membership or a 6-month package.

6.Encouraging members

fitness classDon’t underestimate checking the nature of the members before joining the gym. And by the word encouraging, we mean that you will be comfortable to work out with. Some may prefer a ladies only gym so they won’t feel embarrassed at any point. Others will prefer a mixed one because they feel motivated when someone of the opposite gender lifts a heavy weight, they couldn’t bear.

7.Suitable specialization

yoga studio

While you’re choosing a gym it is necessary to ask yourself “What do I want from it?”

There is no point in joining a fitness studio with over 20 types of class when you won’t try anything except Yoga.

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