7 Tips to Survive Ramadan and Stay Healthy

Survive Ramadan and Stay Healthy

1- Don’t drink all your water at once. Here is how


Break your fast with 2 cups of water, 2 hours later drink another 2 cups. Then drink another 2 cups at 11 and another 2 at sohour time. That comes to 8 glasses.


2- Stay away from sugar


For the obvious reasons of it being unhealthy, but also because it dehydrates your body making your fast a lot harder. Replace sugary drinks with their non-sugar version, herbal iced teas or fresh juices. Switch out desserts for healthy alternatives such as dates with a nut butter.


3- Eat protein


It will keep you full for longer and gives you a slow release of energy so you don’t lose the blood sugar balance throughout the day. Bonus: It could help you lose weight.


4- Consume fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are rich in water content and will help keep your body hydrated. So eat your salad and drink your soup.


5- Add lots of fiber rich foods

Fibre-rich foods

They’re slower to digest keeping you satiated.

Bonus: they bind to toxins (from unhealthy food) and escort them out of you. Examples of fibre rich foods:; whole grain bread, brown rice, freekah, fruits and vegetables


6- Stay away from spicy and salty foods

no salty food

For the obvious reasons of them affecting the hydration of the body, thus make you thirsty.


7-Just relax


Ramadan is a time for cleansing of the mind, body and soul, so take advantage and let go of all you worries.
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