7 Tricks to Wellness & Beauty


When we get healthier we automatically become more attractive!  Our wellness, beauty, and long lasting youth initially starts from healthy physical and emotional environments.

Now an days we don’t have such a luxury as absolutely clean air, water, and food.  The amount of medicine we take is unbelievable, even products we use all over our body are full of hormones, chemicals, and preservatives.  We are too stressed, too pharmacy oriented, too busy, and extra angry to be beautiful.


1. Mind and Body Hygiene


Have perfect personal hygiene and positive thinking.  Start your mornings by washing your face and teeth, it’s very important, as it freshens your day.  Hence the saying, “Freshen up.”

2. Detoxification


Drink Lemon Water every morning and plenty of water during the day.  Add to your day some natural, herbal sugar free tea if you like.  Avoid soda, fast food, junk food, or medication without a real need.  Keep in mind most things like headaches can be naturally cured with simple tricks like drinking water, getting a good nights sleep, or by taking a break.

3. Exercise

Workout home

You should at least be doing 1 hour or physical activity per day.  Don’t be a couch potato!  Technology can be a huge blame for our lack of activity, we advise to spend 1 hour a day minimum away from your phone, tablets, computers, etc.  Exercise is very satisfying if you try it; it can provide you with energy you never knew you had.

4. Relaxation


Go to a spa or get a massage every now and then.  Sleep at least 8 hours during the night.  Take a break.  Relaxation these days is a luxury and unfortunately we continue to over use our body and forget that it needs time to refresh.  If your not relaxing, you are stressed anxious, grumpy, tired, and drained.  At the end you are not giving your full effort and will eventually decrease your productivity whether at work, home, or in school and especially your mental productivity.

5. Quality time & Happiness


Spend some time with family or friends or both.  Happy time we like to call it; when you are with people you can relate to and are close to your heart.  Spend time with people that make you smile and laugh.  Laughing is a wonderful remedy.  Keep yourself company as well with a productive hobby, something to stimulate your mind flow, but at the same time something you enjoy doing.

6. Naturalization

citrus fruits

Eat natural foods.  Switch Orange Juice, with an actual orange; you know the one your peal.  Fill your body with plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, etc.  Try to keep your meals as organic as possible.  In the long run it will keep you alive.  Also, when buying skin care or hair products, read the labels and avoid chemicals and preservatives.

7. Love and Motivation

Sportswoman with arms up celebrating success

Love is motivation.  Love yourself first, and you will be able to motivate yourself.  Love the people around you and they will love your back.  Be an inspiration and take life as a challenge.  Everyday you should focus on being a better person, learning something new, trying something new.  Motivate yourself and the people around you to life a healthier life.

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