7 very special Egyptian athletes


Some name them “disabled”, other call them “people with special needs”. Truly we’re in real need of some inspiration from those very special world athletes and Olympians.

  • Sherif Othman

    Sherif Othman

    The weightlifting champion is a true meaning of inspiration! Sherif Othman started his life as a milk seller and now owns a world record in 56 kg rivals with 211 kg. Othman doesn’t know any kinds of medals except the gold one, he succeeded to receive 3 gold medals in the 3 last Olympics; 2008, 2012, and 2016.

  • Randa Tag ElDin

    Randa Tag El Din

    She is not a woman with a special need, she’s a very special champion. Randa Tag El Din made a new record in Para Olympics by lifting 130 kg.

  • Mohamed El Deeb

    Mohamed ElDeebAfter a serious train accident that causes legs loss, many people would stay in bed in depression. However, Mohamed ElDeeb’s choice wasn’t this way! After that accident, he is today a world athlete and para Olympian that won 2 weightlifting gold medals in 2012 & 2016 Olympics.

  • Fatma Omar

    Fatma Omar

    As if her birth on the 6th of October, 1973 was not a coincidence. Fatma Omar is associated from the beginnig of her life with victory to become after 20 years the only Egyptian female weightlifter that was awarded 5 para Olympic medals.

  • Rehab Ahmed

    Rehab AhmedWhen you see a successful woman, be sure that it wasn’t easy to reach her destination. Rehab’s road to Olympics was not paved at any level. She was not able to participate in an international championship as she had faced some medical problems due to her baby’s delivery. However, because of her persistence and hard work, she was qualified to Rio Olympics 2016 and she got a weightlifting silver medal in her first participation.

  • Amany Ibrahim

    Amany IbrahimThe difference between an ordinary athlete and a champion is a very thin line which is persistence. This is what Amany Ibrahim had when she overcame her sadness when her dad passed away few days before Olympics Rio. Amany didn’t give up and she went to the Olympics and returned back with a weightlifting bronze medal. This was Amany’s 7th medal including 2 gold ones.


  • Rahma Khaled

    Rahma KhaledThe swimming champion and para Olympian was never let down because of her down syndrome. Rahma reaped many medals during representing Egypt in different International championships, the last was 2 gold medals in 2016 winning The Egyptian Swimming Championship.

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