7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

7 Ways to Stay Gorgeous For The Summer

Summer is here!

Hot weather means sweaty faces and ruined makeup.

Here are some tips so you can beat the heat and keep your face looking fresh and beautiful during the summer!!

  1. Make sure you’re cleansing routinely by using your facial wash and tonner according to your skin type (normal/dry skin, oily/combination skin and sensitive skin)
  2. Use your SPF moisturizer before leaving home so you can make sure that your face is fully hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays, especially harmful ones.
  3. Its ok to wear makeup on the beach and in the mornings but always make sure you are using the right products such as waterproof products, taking into consideration  to stay away from the oily/creamy products even if your skin type is normal/dry believe it or not heat is a beast!
  4. Don’t over wear it, skip foundation if your skin doesn’t need it, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, coral, peachy and neutrals nude lips will be quite cool for summer mornings
  5. Red bloody lips and Smokey eyes are killer at nights and orange is the new red this season!
  6. Never forget your bronzers and shimmery blusher it adds a fresh tanned look as if your sun kissed.
  7. Finally here is your saver, blusher is the 1st product you can use to save your look if you felt your face is sweating!

Enjoy the summer girls

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Yasmine Ebeid
Certified professional makeup artist, originally a banker since 2006 and resigned when i decided to follow my passion for makeup. Studied in london makeup school and successfully completed an advanced makeup course, face body painting, professional mastering eyes and theatre/filming/tv makeup