8 celebrities who dramatically lost weight


Celebrities will always be an important topic of gossip in any friends’ chat, especially a feminine one. Ladies gossip all the time about what they wear, their relationships, and of course how they look. Gossiping about celebrities can be a positive one, if you will gossip about their body transformation and take them a sort of inspiration to follow. Here are some fabulous celebrities that extremely lost weight and we have to revive their amazing body transformation.


1. Leila Elwy

Leila Elwy

The great result she achieved made a lot of people claim that this must be Photoshop. However The Icon Leila Elwy appeared in live events in a reply to all those surprising and jealous claims.


2. Ahmed Zaher

Ahmed Zaher

What’s more motivational than challenging yourself after a big ailment. After his recovery, Ahmed Zaher succeeded in losing all the extra weight he gained because of the diseases he was suffering from. Moreover, he became slimmer than before the sickness and he now enjoys a very smart look.


3. Menna Shalaby

Menna Shalaby

She completed her career rise with massive body transformation. Menna’s echoing roles and movies are only because of her talent and her weight loss only because a great effort she exerted without any surgeries.

4. Hussein El Jasmi

Hussein El Jasmi

The unbelievable result he did made people ask for a while “Is this Hussein Al Jasmi?”


5. Fifi Abdou

Fifi Abdou

The Icon of “gad3ana” can also be slim. We love Fifi Abdou’s sense of humor, post on Instagram, and 5 mwaah!


6. Sherin Abdel Wahab

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Women hear her songs after a painful breakup and when they want to lose weight after delivery and regain their before pregnancy look, they just can look at Sherin.


7. Tamer Habib


Tamer HabibThe guy is always behind the camera, but his body transformation made him on spot.


8. Somaya El Khashab

Somaya El Khashab

Being the Oriental Egyptian model of a woman, she inspired a lot of women out there with her great weight loss.


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