8 Egyptian Eye-candy Figures

8 Egyptian Eye-candy Figures

Look what Egypt has brought us! These 8 figures are absolutely eye dazzling; of course it took them a lot of hard work and training to become who they are today, but you reap what you sow right?

1. Asser Yassin.


The Egyptian actor who broke the heart of many girls upon announcing his marriage, the guy is super-hot and pretty charismatic. He is also a writer and film producer. Asser was already obsessing a lot of girls with his handsome face and the way he talks until he revealed his body in El-Waad movie which blew everyone’s mind away.

Instagram Account:  @asser_yassin

2. Omar El-Sheikh.

Omar ElSheikh

Omar is an Egyptian fitness model and personal trainer. He has always dreamed of this since his very childhood. He is a challenging person who always wants to compete even against his own self. Not to mention he always watches over what he eats.

Instagram Account: @omarelsheikh

3. Mohamed Ragab.

Mohamed Ragab

An Egyptian model who looks like Hollywood celebrities, yes! We have this in Egypt. Have a look on his Instagram account. You are most welcome!

Instagram Account:  @mohamedragabi

4. Ali Bendary.


Ali is a gym freak who started training at an early age; you cannot really find a muscle in his body that is not sculptured and defined. He is a personal trainer who passes on his knowledge and workout programs to those who want to have one of a hell body like his.

Instagram Account: @alibendary

5. Aly Mazhar.

Aly Mazhar

The founder of BeFit owns a body that says a lot about his business. Aly is Nike Running brand ambassador. He doesn’t know what failure is; after the injury that sidelined his football career he didn’t give up and look where he is today!

Instagram Account: @Alymazhar

6. Amr Hussien.

Amr Hessin

Now we aren’t talking about just fitness; we are talking about bodybuilding and bulking. Amr is every bodybuilder’s role model. He is a WBFF pro and USN brand ambassador. He won the 1st place in both Cairo championship for bodybuilding under 21 and Egypt bodybuilding championship under 21.

Instagram Account: @amrhessain

7. Arwa Gouda.

Arwa Gouda

Arwa is an Egyptian actress who won the hearts of many with her unique and talented performance. She began her career as a model at the age of 12. Arwa’s tall and fit body turns heads wherever she goes. Arwa is a humble and down to earth person which makes her goes straight to the heart of everyone.

Instagram Account: @arwagouda

8. Zayneb Azzam.

Zaynab Azzam

An Egyptian model and a beauty seeker; she was born in 1991 in London, grew up in New York and finally settled down in Cairo. After her graduation from the American university in Cairo she started to pursue her dream of modeling, fashion, beauty blogging and interior designing. She is now the ambassador of Fitbox which is not just a gym but a boxing club too; it helped her learn how to train from scratch also it taught the importance of always being in shape as for a model you can never risk gaining an ounce of fat.

Instagram Account: @zaynebazzam

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