8 Months of Working Out And the Result Is Total Body Shape Transformation

Randa Mousa Main

8 months of hard working out is really worth the efforts, as the beautiful Randa Moussa tells us her success story of losing 20 Kg and transforming her body shape into a whole different fitter one.

It all started when Randa noticed that she can’t wear the clothes she likes, and her self-confidence started to grow less, that she wasn’t too much into going out with friends and she was preferring to stay home to skip meeting people.

But as we all know, strong girls don’t stop there. She decided to start losing the extra weight, putting in her mind the picture of the fit body she always dreams of.

“The first decision I made was that I’ll never ever give up on my dream”

Randa said. Adding that she, as anyone wants to lose weight, had some difficult times, especially when she was having lunch with her friends and she was obligated to eat certain types of food such as salads, and grilled dishes only.

Randa Moussa

But all that difficulties vanished once she saw her dream comes true. She started to be in shape step by step until she reached the ideal body shape that every girl wishes to have.

Not only that, but also inspiring other people to follow her steps was her biggest pleasure. “If you really want to do something, you will find a way.” To whoever wants to lose weight; that’s how Randa finished her word.

Don’t wait. FIND YOUR WAY!

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