8 Reasons Why You Should Join Cairo Half Marathon

CairoRunners Half Marathon

Whether you are into running or not, you must have heard a lot of people talking about Cairo Runners’ Half Marathon these days. And if you are lazy enough not to join, these reasons are about to make you change your mind:

8 Reasons why you should attend Cairo Half Marathon

1. It’s On The Weekend

The marathon will take place next Friday, there’s plenty of time, so.. no excuses!


2. It Fits Everyone

CairoRunners Half Marathon

If you can’t join the half marathon run, you still can join the 7K run, or even the 1K family run.


3. Cairokee is Here!


No, it’s not just jogging,  after running, Cairokee is going to blast it in the Half Marathon concert.


4. Making New Friends


Local running groups are always a good spot for new relations and connections with people.


5. Saving Some Cash

CairoRunners Half Marathon

The marathon’s ticket fees is nothing compared to most equipment and Gyms prices.


6. Slipping into Skinny Jeans Easily

CairoRunners Half Marathon

Running is one of the most exercises that can burn a lot of calories.


7. Sleep better

11265423_764845193636967_8075087742535441651_nRunning also encourages higher quality sleep, which translates into better Zzz’s all night long.


8. 50% of ticket proceeds will be donated to charity.


CairoRunners Half Marathon

YOUR TICKETS TO THE MARATHON ARE HERE!! AND your registration packs too!!

Register at cairorunners.com right now to reserve your spot

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