8 Snacks Under 100 Calories

100 Calories

Studies have shown that eating nuts regularly is very beneficial for your heart, they prevent heart diseases by 60%. Nuts are rich in protein, vitamin E, and zinc, and what’s cool about nuts is that you can eat anytime and anywhere.

Here are top 8 snacks under 100 calories



Eight units of cashew contain 100 calories, although cashew is high in fat, it’s also rich in vitamin E and protein, so it gives you the feeling that you are full quickly.

2- Raisin


20 units of raisin equal 80 calories. This light meal is rich in fibers and antioxidants.

3- Peanuts


10 units of peanuts contain 78 calories, what’s good about this meal is that peanuts include a lot of protein which gives you the fullness feeling in no time.

4- Pumpkin seeds


Two ounces of pumpkin seeds equal 100 calories, and this meal has the ability to renew your energy.

5- Pistachio


25 units of pistachio contribute with 90 calories, what makes pistachio unique is that it’s low in calories so you can eat bigger portions of it and still be under 100 calories.

6- Almond


14 units of Almond equal 98 calories, almond is high in natural fibers which are very good for your hair, nails and skin.

7- Popcorn


2 cups of popcorn include 100 calories, popcorn is considered one of the lightest meals ever, it includes very low portions of fat, you can add some salt, cinnamon, or natural sugar to it.

8- Corn

One corncob equal 100 calories, corn is a good source of natural fibers, carbs and vitamins, and gives you the feeling of fullness quickly, you can eat it boiled, grilled, or in the sweet corn cans.

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