8 tricks to eat less


Aside from following a healthy diet and applying portion control, there are some tricks that you can use to eat less because it’s about the mind and the eye before the stomach. So if you deceived your mind and eye you can make your stomach feels less hungry.

  1. Eat in smaller plates to have less portions

    Eat in smaller plates

  2. Don’t eat from the box or the pack because you will eat more without noticing

    eat from a bag of chips

  3. Eat protein especially on breakfast because it helps the feeling of fullness

    eat protein

  4. Keep the food you crave out of sight, in unattended cupboard or inside a drawer in the fridge

    cravings out of reach

  5. Don’t eat in front of the TV or while surfing the internet
    eating in front of the TV
  6. Cut food into small pieces. This way the mind is deceived that he’s eating more, while he’s eating less

    Cut food into small pieces

  7. Drink water or coffee or low fat soup before eating to eat less

    drinking coffee

  8. Keep on chewing gum to distract your mind from feeling hungry

    chew gum


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