8 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet At The Gym!

8 types of men

Caution:  Article may not be suitable for guys.

It’s about us GALS and the type of men we all encounter at the gym. I took the liberty to categorize these guys into different types.

For some people, the gym is all about the workout.  For others the gym is a social club to meet new people whether guy’s or girls.   Well girls, here they are 8 types of guys you’ll meet at the gym:

The Mirror lover

Mirror Lovers

The kind of guy who has the perfect chiseled body, who just can’t get enough of watching himself in front of the mirror, taking a hundred selfies throughout his workout. You’ll probably find his Instagram filled with his selfies in front of the mirror captioned as follows:





Favorite spot in the gym: In Front of the Mirror.

If god forbid you happen to talk to this guy; you’ll probably end up hating the gym and working out.


The Trainer

Gym Trainer

Now this guy is NOT a professional trainer… He’s just been working out for too long, reads  too much about fitness or was a former athlete of some sort (I’m just being nice here). Usually their behavior is unpredictable as well as their manner.  They will approach you ladies so keep alert.  “The Trainer” tends to come up out of nowhere and tell you that you’re doing it wrong during your workout.

Give them ten minutes or less of your attention and you’ll get a monthly workout schedule marked out by a pro, that’s if he doesn’t offer to train you.

Favorite spot in the gym: Depends on What They’re Training That Day.


The Early Riser

treadmill guy

Now if you happen to one day wake up early and go to the gym; “The Early Riser” will always be there. Usually silent, doesn’t talk to anyone at the gym other than their personal trainer if they have one. The most that could come out of them is “Are you done using this?” or a polite smile.

I always say beware of the silent ones; they’re usually most deadly.

Favorite spot in the gym: Cardio Area


The Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Usually in his 50’s, suffering from a major mid-life crisis…. He’s that guy who’s old enough to be your dad; with the weirdest pattern of behavior, extremely loud and usually is very well off and with money comes of course power and he’s isn’t afraid to flaunt that around.

“The Big Daddy” can be found dressed and disguised as a 25 year old thug with a thick gold necklace and his expensive accessories, walking  around the gym eyeing every woman.  Now we women don’t need to mention how very uncomfortable this makes us.  “The Big Daddy” would probably come up to you and compliment you in a manner that is funny and pathetic at the same time.

Favorite spot in the gym: Any Area in the Gym with Too Much Estrogen.


The Social Butterfly

Social guy

Usually a funny and very attractive guy, who walks around the gym being friends with everyone, spends most of his workout time chatting.

He’d come at 4 and leave at 6, his total work out time would be less than an hour. He’s the best person to have that juice or protein shake with on before or after a workout,  but watch out because he might just consume all of your time at the gym and before you know it, you’d have to leave.

Favorite spot in the gym: Cardio Machines area (Easier to talk to someone while they’re on the treadmill)


The Gossip guy


Even in gossip girl it turned out to be a guy, so boys we need to look more into this now. “The Gossip Guy” guy knows all the juice on everyone at the gym whether is about the staff or members. He’s been a member for too long, his advantage is being well connected and just happens to know it all.

Watch out because he might know some stuff about you and isn’t afraid to share it on the notion of don’t tell anyone.

Favorite spot in the gym: In any corner at the gym probably with someone else telling them everything about everyone.

The Gym Freak


Personally I do my best to avoid this kind of guy outside or inside the gym, they really drive me crazy. Now “The Gym Freak” is the one you’ll find walking around the Juice Bar & Reception with protein shakes and usually eating too much healthy food usually resembled in tuna and boiled eggs (Kind of gross, despite the fact that I love tuna and eggs)

“The Gym Freak” knows nothing in life but the gym, you’ll find him working out almost two to three times a day. The people he talks to the most at the gym are personal trainers; he’ll be arguing on the latest protein supplement and latest work outs.

Favorite spot in the gym: The Free Weights Area


The Player


Now this guy is a piece of work really…. He’s that superhot one who gives you the feeling that he’s just finished a photo shoot with Calvin Klein. He never goes to the gym alone, surrounded by his male entourage. He and his beloved followers are out to get every girl in the gym. At times he’ll be giving you the Johnny Bravo feel as he checks out every girl who’s working out the gym.

Favorite spot in the gym: Spot with perfect lighting to giving his biceps some audience.


So ladies, there they are for you… If you happen to think that there’s more to add to this list please feel free to share them with us! Which of these  guys have your encountered in the gym? And make sure to comment below.

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