815 km on foot for a better Egypt

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Aswan is a beautiful city, right? people come to Aswan from all over the world. Some travel by plane, others by train, and a few others prefer a less fancy way and cross it on foot. That’s right, on foot.

The four young runners, Helmy El Saeed, Abdullah Hussein, Omar Hesham, and Jomana Ismail will be crossing 815 KM, from Aswan to Cairo, on foot. The challenge goes by the name ‘Crossing Egypt Challenge: A Marathon a Day’ and is organized by UNFPA along with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.The campaign will start from the charming city of Aswan and will continue until it reaches Cairo, passing by 10 different governorates, including Luxor, Qena, and Sohag.

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The purpose of the challenge is to turn some heads and raise awareness among the young people in each and every city and village to be crossed on the population growth in Egypt, due to the drastic increase in population over the last decade, focusing on family planning and youth participation, with special focus on youth and women.

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Crossing 815 KM on foot is not going to be easy. It’s a good thing that these 4 young runners have Fitness Pro for a technical sponsor.Fitness pro will offer each of the runners a polar M200 heart rate monitor with a GPS to use throughout the challenge. The devices will be gifted to the runners afterward.

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In addition to that, Fitness Pro will offer some services to the runners prior to and during the campaign, including:

  • Body composition analysis for nutrition purposes
  • Physical assessment, including stability and posture analysis
  • Cardio test using Polar devices to assess the physical capabilities of the runners
  • Technical advice on nutrition and training guidelines to be carried out by the athletes during the campaign

The challenge will start on the 16th of January and will end on the 10thof February. The good news is, you will be able to stay up to date with the challenge throughout the 21 days via mass media and social media.

Cross Egypt

The closing ceremony of the campaign will be hosted at Al Gezira Youth Center in Cairo, in participation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, UNFPA, partners, relevant stakeholders, policy makers and mass media.

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