9 healthy foods with hidden sodium

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Salt is like any other nutrient the body needs if taken without moderation would definitely has bad effects. Consuming too much salt is always associated with high blood pressure. However, salt has some other harmful effects like weight gain and osteoporosis.

The idea is to be careful when eating foods that contain salt and mostly important to take care of hidden sodium in healthy foods like the below.

  • Brown bread

    brown bread

    Unexpected food to contain salt, but some kinds actually contain high amounts of sodium. Check the nutrition label before buying, the suitable amount of sodium shouldn’t be more than 93 mg per slice.

  • Canned vegetables

    canned vegetables

    Vegetables are always the secret word for healthy. However, this doesn’t apply to canned ones because they are very high in sodium.

  • Diet soda

    diet soda

    This way, you might be avoiding the sugar and fats, but unfortunately, it contains more sodium!

  • Cereal


    It’s a very healthy option for breakfast. However, some are very high in sodium. You don’t have to avoid them, but you have to check the amount of sodium so your daily intake doesn’t exceed the suitable amount.

  • Peanut butter

    peanut butter

    Choose ones that contain less than 140 mg per serving and you’re on the safe side.

  • Canned tomato sauce

    canned tomato sauce

    Do you know that 1 cup might contain 1000 mg of sodium? It’s always better to prepare it freshly at home. This also gives you opportunity to add fresh onions, carrots, or bell peppers.

  • Processed meats

    processed meats

    Some people think that this way they are eating good kind of protein, but they are actually eating good amount of sodium. Opt for the fresh options better.

  • Canned or packaged soups

    canned soups

    A comforing healthy food, especially in Winter without making much effort. If you don’t have time to prepare one at home, then search for low sodium ones because they are originally high in sodium.

  • Canned tuna

    canned tuna

Tuna has endless benefits and one of them is lowering cholesterol. But you don’t want to lower your cholesterol and higher your blood pressure as canned ones include big amounts of sodium.

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