9 people are empowering the fitness community in Egypt

People Empowering

You can be successful, persistent, and hard worker. However very few people choose to take it the extra mile, to do things no one ever did, to take difficult roads, and not only to change their lives but empower people to do so.

That’s why it’s very important to stop by some of those people who became icons in the fitness community, not waiting for a trend to follow but setting a trend!

  • Adam El Zoghby


    The man behind one of the most important fitness events happening in Egypt, ELFIT, through his company In The Zone Sports which is also responsible for organizing other distinguished fitness events. Adam succeeded with individual efforts to set an event became awaited every year by professional athletes and to organize it in a International competition way.

  • Ahmed Kamal


    Ahmed Kamal is one of the people that chooses the bumpy road to take. He has taken upon himself the responsibility of transforming people to professional bodybuilders to qualify to MuscleMania abroad and win. Kamal is doing this without official help or much media coverage and he dreams of qualifying women also to MuscleMania. We believe he can!

  • Omar Samra

    Omar Samra

    He’s on of the very few people that went, not the extra mile, but the extra height! This is simply because Omar Samra believed that his dream starts outside of his comfort zone. He resigned from a fulfilling job in England and left his comfortable fancy life and went to chase his dream of reaching Mount Everst and he did it to be the first Egyptian and the youngest Arab.

  • Aly Mazhar

    Aly Mazhar

    There are many instructors and trainers in town, there are specialists who provide people with nutrition programs, but Aly is one of a kind. He literally contributed, along with BeFit team, in changing people’s lives in 6 weeks!

  • Ayman Hakky

    Ayman HakkyAyman Hakky is the founder of The TriFactory and they don’t hold fitness events for giving people a chance to exercise, but they always have a good cause. Their most recent event was Aswan Marathon that took the objective of raising donations for Professor Magdi Yacoub’s Heart center and raising awareness about heart diseases and how people can run to avoid them or get cured.

  • Amr Mansi

    Amr Mansi

    Every big achievement starts with a dream and Amr Mansi, the former Squash champ, dreamed of making Egypt number one destination when it comes to Squash and he did it in 2010 by founding El Gouna International Tournament. He didn’t stop there, he got Al-Ahram Squash Open back to life empowering not only squash, but Egypt’s tourism as well.

  • Ibrahim Safwat

    Ibrahim Safwat

    What’s more empowering than what Ibrahim Safwat did by founding Cairo Runners? It’s not just about the success of the idea but it’s about the persistence of its owner that we are sure were demotivated by many claiming that it’s very difficult to make Egyptian who are known by laziness run in the very early morning at the weekend. However, Safwat did with his dream team and contributed in changing the lifestyles of many people.

  • Hesham El Akad

    Hesham Al Akad

    You don’t have to be a certified instructor or a professional athlete to make a change in the fitness community. Hesham El Akad is doing something more important which is giving people inspiration and hope. Can you imagine the youths he can change when they see a man in his fifties completing the half marathon at the North Pole to be the first Arab to do it? This is in addition to completing many half marathons and marathons in not less difficult places like The Great Wall of China!

  • Kersho

    By the one of a kind events he organizes, he became as a motivator for people to combat their inner fears and to pass the obstacles they face in life by passing obstacles in fitness competitions whether in Ninja Warrior Bl3arabi or Urban Race.

“The Fitness community is gifted with many amazing calibers that help in enriching it, we have limited room in this article, so we chose only some of them. Other coming articles will feature another.”

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