9 Things You Must Have in Your Gym Bag

9 Things You Must Have in Your Gym Bag

Your Gym bag is the second most important thing you will need at the gym after focusing on your workout, so make sure you give yourself some time to stock it with the essentials you will need pre and post workout.

Here are 9 things you shouldn’t forget while going to the gym:
       1.  A bottle of water

Water Bottle

Make sure you have a big water bottle to keep your body hydrated during and after workout.

       2. Athletic Shoes (Sneakers)

Nike Shoes

Your pair of athletic shoes will not only make you feel comfortable while exercising, but also will keep you safe.

        3. Lock


Not all gyms provide locks for your locker, so always bring yours, just in case.

   4. Deodorant


Deodorant is key at the gym, make sure you have one to keep your smell fresh during and after workout, choose your favorite brand and apply it before and after your workout shower.

       5. Music Player

Music Player

Whether its your phone, ipod, or mp3 player, you should always have a good playlist to encourage you and keep you enthusiastic.

   6. Your Headphone


In order to listen to your favorite music, headphones are a must.  Wireless headphones will be suitable for your workout.

       7. Wipes


Keep some fresh wipes in your bag, you will definitely need them during or after your workout, imagine if you’re running out of time and can’t take a shower!

       8. Personal Towels


Even if your Gym provides towels, but it’s definitely better that you bring your own ones, a small towel to be with you during your workout, and a larger one to use after showering.

       9. Healthy Pre and After Workout Snacks


Some nuts, cereal, whole grain, fruits, or shakes are perfect.

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