A baby swimming course at Blue Bubbles, your LO needs more than feeding & sleeping!

baby swimming course

Summer time is always associated with enrolling kids in sports trainings and one of the favorite sports for kids is swimming as it has a huge fun part playing in the water. But what if starting from 9 month old you can enroll your baby in a swimming training. This is available now at Blue Bubbles Academy!

Blue Bubbles Academy

Blue Bubbles Academy is a swimming and scuba diving academy that offers baby swimming classes starting 9 months and up to 2 years. Blue Bubbles is the first in the Middle East and second facility worldwide certified from TDI/SDI/ERDI (USA) as a 5 Stars Instructor Training Center.


5 benefits for an early swimming lesson for your baby

Blue Bubbles Academy

  • Of course an early introduction will prevent a later fear from water.
  • Swimming strengthens your baby’s hearts and lungs, thus help in brain development.
  • Water resistance makes your baby exercise his muscles which would help in walking early.
  • A swimming lesson can improve your baby’s appetite and sleep because of the effort exerted.
  • Mostly important, you will protect your baby from the danger of drowning.


Not a swimming champion, but mostly important a saver of his life

Blue Bubbles Academy

This is the main aim of swimming lessons at Blue Bubbles Academy. Your 9 month or 2 year old baby won’t learn the butterfly swim or be a swimming champion after this swimming lesson. However, mostly important, your baby will get familiar with water, learn how to pull himself out of the water if he fell accidently and master breathing until then, and how he can kick or paddle if he found himself in the middle of the water until he reaches the wall of the pool. Those techniques are important for your baby to acquire as drowning is becoming very common among little children and you can’t always assure that you’re watching your little one every second.

The second important aim of the baby swimming lessons there is the chance of bonding between you and your little one. The idea of the lesson is that the parent accompanies his baby during the lesson, the instructor gives the parent instructions and the parent, in turn, gives it to his LO. This make the lesson a sort of quality time between parents and babies. You might be a full time mother, but the time you spend with your baby at home is always distracted by the cellular phone, the television, and the house chores. However, during the session, you will be devoted to your baby maintaining eye contact and enjoying the fun of playing in the water. Besides, if the father is the one will accompany the baby, it will be a better chance since most of the time, fathers are busy with work and have no time to interact with their babies.


Blue Bubbles Academy


Blue Bubbles Academy baby courses take place at Kattameya Heights. It’s a one month training and 3 times per week. It’s a different experience that involves physical fitness for your little one at a stage that will be the beginning of dramatic change in your baby. He will no more stay at the bouncer playing with the hanging toys, you will find him moves a lot and wants to explore the surroundings. Releasing his energy in such thing will always be better than early introduction to the ipad. Try it out for fun, health, and safety!


Instagram: blue_bubbles_academy
Telephone 01097719117


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