A Must Read Inspirational Story By The One And Only Rania Hammad!

A Must Read Inspirational Story By The One And Only Rania Hammad

‘My journey started two years ago when I lost my leg in an accident in London, halfway through my pregnancy. At the time, I felt like everything else was gone too—my soul, my heart, and my life.⁣

Never did I believe that it would be the start of a new life; where my eyes see clearer, and where my body manifests its resilience and capability of fighting a battle it was keen to survive. I lost a vital part of my body and felt incomplete, while another life, a miracle baby boy, was growing inside of me, giving me a sense of purpose and making me question the meaning of the word “complete.”⁣

Rania Hammad Story

⁣Now, my mind accepts diversity and differences. I used to hold onto ideals that weren’t authentic to my true self. This hardship revealed the essence of who I am, and then redefined me.⁣

After a long and difficult road, I am still a work in progress. This journey hasn’t ended yet. I’m still at the very beginning and I am still learning everyday from it.⁣

Rania Hammad

Remember that perfection is a fallacy. It’s not real. It does not exist. We are striving for the perfect life yet this life is not meant to be perfect. You can fly without being able to walk and you can shine with no lights, just like the stars in the middle of the dark night sky’ – @rania__hammad

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