A social media war on Gold’s Gym Egypt because of a pear picture

Golds Gym Pears

There is a thin barbed line between encouraging people to get fit and follow a healthy diet and humiliating their bodies’ shapes and making fun of them. This is the line that Gold’s Gym Dreamland Facebook account violated which set the brand image on fire on Social media.


Gold's Gym Dreamland


Few days ago, the account posted a photo showing a pear and saying “This is no shape for a girl”!! Many people on social media here and abroad, especially women, perceived this post as offensive and showered the Gold’s Gym social media platforms with many negative comments. They also posted screenshots showing that this is not the first incident for this account as they posted before another offensive photo having a similar message.


Gold's Gym Dreamland

As a reaction to this social media buzz, Gold’s Gym Egypt page posted an apology clarifying that the gym’s family was astonished by the attacking message of Dreamland’s post and that they sent a request to Facebook to remove their profile and proceeded with legal action assuring that Dreamland account doesn’t have the right to speak on behalf of Gold’s Gym Egypt community. Besides, they asserted that their gym’s values are built on encouragement, love, and pride.


Gold's Gym Dreamland

On the other side of the world, the global page of Gold’s Gym posted another apology holding a similar message mentioning that they worked with Facebook until they managed to get the account removed. Moreover, They added that they are in the process of expediting the termination of this sub-franchisee’s agreement.


Gold's Gym Dreamland

This incident shows how the current mainstream of getting fit and sexy didn’t make women and girls all over the world ashamed of their bodies. On the contrary, they don’t accept any downgrading for their bodies or how they look. They don’t stay quiet when it somebody makes fun of it. And they use for this what is known by “The power of social media” which could turn a single picture to an explosion!

Love your bodies!

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