A Team-bonding event at its best, seen at Egypt Corporate Games!

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On the 13th of May marked the first ever Egypt Corporate Games to happen in the country! 14 of the biggest corporate names in Egypt gathered in a full day competition where they participated in 16 sports & games in an awesome team-bonding event where they battled for The Egypt Corporate Games trophy, which was given to the company with the most medals in each sport! Egypt Corporate Games, brought to you by In The Zone and powered & hosted by Palm Hills Club gave the employees a chance to break up their daily work routine and a chance to have fun, break loose, get a little work out and get to know each other on a WHOLE new level.

Corporate Games - Baby Foot

With 14 companies taking part, more than 500 participants, and 300+ spectators, more than 160 winners, it was an amazing event to say the least! Each company did an amazing job and the event indeed brought the whole team closer together.

Corporate Games - CrossFit

The team-bonding event saw a new side to each and every employee, where they were cheering each other on, supporting and rising high together! You could see on every side how the effect of sportsmanship and support is important; people were giving it their all and more because they are playing in the name of their company.

Corporate Games - Rope

In a team you could see a company’s CEO high fiving their employees after they’ve just scored a goal in soccer or a good shot at Darts!

Orange Egypt took home the prize with a whopping number of 46 overall points, 5 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze and 6 bronze medals!

In second place came QNB AlAhli and in 3rd place came Mentor Graphics.

Corporate Games - Tennis

Happening at Palm Hills Club, the day started super early at 8 AM where all the companies gathered to start the long day ahead. Each company distributed their teams accordingly and thus the day began.

Corporate Games - Football

We were more than thrilled to have the following companies part of the event:  Palm Hills Developments, Orange, MARS, MDLZ, Etisalat, Mentor Graphics, QNB AlAhli, RA Sport, OPEL, CBC, Froneri, Kijami, Hyde Park Developments, TE Data.

Corporate Games - Ping

The companies competed in 16 different sports & games: Soccer, Swimming,

Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis, Backgammon, Baby Foot, Bench Press, Fitness Challenge, Foot Volley, Beach Volley, Arm Wrestling, Sprint Relay, Darts, Basketball and Tug of War.

All the participants experienced a long, active and intense day, so we’d like to congratulate everyone who joined on an amazing performance.

We’d like to give special congratulations to the winners in each sport, you were all absolutely amazing and you made your company extremely proud!

In the soccer tournament, Opel came in 1st place, Orange in 2nd place, TE Data in 3rd Place. In Foot Volley Mentor Graphics got 1st place, while QNB got 2nd place and Orange got 3rd place. Beach volley saw Orange taking 1st place, QNB taking 2nd place, and TE Data taking 3rd place. In the Arm Wrestling event, Palm Hills Developments took home 1st place, while Hyde Park Developments got 2nd & 3rd place. In the 1600 Sprint Relay QNB got 1st place, Orange 2nd and Froneri 3rd. At the Darts area, QNB scored 1st place, Mars 2nd and Hyde Park Developments 3rd place. In the Basketball 3-on-3 tournament Orange took home 1st place, QNB 2nd and Etisalat 3rd. In the swimming relay came Mentor Graphics in 1st place, Mars in 2nd place and Froneri in 3rd place. In Squash Mars came 1st, Mentor Graphics 2nd and TE Data 3rd. In Tennis Etisalat got 1st place, Orange got 2nd place and Mentor Graphics got 3rd place. In Table Tennis, MDLZ got 1st place, QNB got 2nd and Mentor Graphics got 3rd. In Backgammon Orange got 1st, QNB got 2nd and Mentor Graphics for 3rd place. In Baby Foot Orange got 1st, Mentor Graphics got 2nd and Orange got 3rd. In Bench Press Hyde Park Developments got 1st & 2nd place, and Palm Hills Developments got 3rd place. In the Fitness Challenge Orange got 1st place, Etisalat got 2nd place and QNB got 3rd place. Finally, in Tug of War, Palm Hills Club took 1st, Mentor Graphics 2nd and Orange 3rd.

Corporate Games - Beach Volly

Having the first event of its kind in Egypt was very tough but of course we have our sponsors to thank. An enormous thank you to our title partner Palm Hills Club whose venue was just perfect for such an event of its kind to accommodate all these sports and people! Our main sponsor Go Sport Egypt, whose support was magnificent and it wouldn’t have been the same without your constant backing. Our awesome Official Radio Partner: Nile FM, we appreciate all the awesome time you’ve provided us with on your awesome station. Our main sponsor Opel, whose support was amazing!

Corporate Games - Basket Ball

Our Official Sports Magazine: Sports & Fitness Magazine, we love your magazine and we’re glad you were part of this event! Our official Media Sponsor: Cairo West, whose constant support is awesome. And of course, Cairo Gyms, whose partnership is for the long run and we’re ever so happy to have in our list of sponsors. Our F&B Partners: Fitnation & Lettuceat, thank you for providing us with awesome & healthy meals!

An event this big is built on an amazing Team of Organizers, Judges, and Volunteers. Without their innovative thinking, hard work, enthusiasm, craving for perfection, and their ambition for excellence, none of this would have been the same, so a huge thank you to the entire team!

Also, an enormous thank you is due to our awesome MC Sherif Hassan, we know it was a long, hectic day and we appreciate your patience!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the guests of honor who took time out of their busy schedule and came to give out the medals at the Closing Award’s Ceremony: Mohammad Sanad: professional Handball player, Ahmed Salah

Nada, Professional Swimming Olympian, Hassan Gabr: Fitness Coach/Athlete, Kareem El Hendawy: Professional Handball Athlete and Omneya Abdel Kawy: Professional Squash Athlete.

Corporate Games - Prizes

Moreover, we’d like to bid a huge thank you to every company and every single participant who showed up and gave it their all at the event.

And to everyone who came to cheer their colleagues, friends & their family, we loved your spirit and you made a huge difference!

So here’s to a brand new event that left us feeling happy and active and we’re sure that next year will be even bigger and better!

Corporate Games - Group Photo

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